General Causes of Car Accidents

General Causes of Car Accidents

General Causes of Car Accidents

Car accidents happen so unexpectedly and as on the event, everything seems so quick yet so slow. Though preventable, the event itself is unstoppable once it has started. Being involved in a car accident could lead to injuries, financial damages, emotional struggles, and even death. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)'s reports, there are around 38,000 people who died in vehicle crashes in 2020, a significant increase from 2019 by 7.2%. 

In this blog, we are going to shed few information about what are general causes of accidents for our readers would be aware what situation they are in and how should they deal with it collectively. As accidents are known to be preventable form of accident but in the event, it is unstoppable and effects are drastic in nature and average. 

  •  Distracted Driving

    It is unexpected that the major contributor of fatalities in annual scale is not drunk driving nor speeding but distracted driving. Though, it doesn't sound serious as it does, distracted driving has been involved in more than 50% of reported cases of sustenance of injuries and even deaths in vehicular crashes in U.S. Distracted driving is characterized as any notion that takes off your attention off the road that reduces your reaction time, cognitive skills, and even hand-eye coordination caused by pocket technology including cellphone activities. 

  • Drunk Driving

    Drunk driving is second major cause of accidents in U.S. Given that being under influence of alcohol could temporarily but drastically lose your ability to drive in general. This practice is extremely dangerous as it extremely decreases one's ability to function properly, specifically blurs out your vision, your coordination, and even proper thinking. 

  • Speeding

    Along with drunk driving, speeding in wrong areas could cause a fatal accident. The practice of speeding could make you lose control over the steering wheel because of speed, especially when passing sharp turns, uneven road, and high density of pedestrians and even other cars. 

  • Weather Condition Stricken Roads

    May it be rainy, snowy, or foggy, it could increase one's risk to be involved in an accident. As all of these has the ability to cause the road to be slippery and brakes would tend to be unreliable when tires would slide over the road. Fogs, on the other hand, could decrease one's vision drastically even in broad daylight. 

  • Immediate Turns and Lane Changes

    The main use of stop lights, vehicle indicators, and lanes is to avoid miscommunication on road and to properly yield each other lanes when needed as opposed to unguided driving. The neglect usage of these road communicating tools often lead to accidents, may it be minor or fatal. When in road, always look for a sign or vehicle indicator when making turns or lane changes to avoid accidents. 

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