General Motors Recall for Faulty Fuel Gauge in SUVs

General Motors Recall for Faulty Fuel Gauge in SUVs

Faulty Fuel Gauge in GM SUVs

GM Faulty Fuel GaugeThe fuel gauge is meant to tell the driver exactly how much gas is in the tank. This allows the driver to avoid driving on an empty tank, as this could cause the car to stall, leading to further complications or even a crash.  Unfortunately though, it now seems that a mass amount of GM SUVs were equipped with faulty fuel gauges, and are now being recalled. GM is now recalling nearly 52,000 2014 Buick Enclaves, Chevrolet Traverses and GMC Acadias because of the faulty fuel gauges. More than a simple miscalculation, the fuel gauge could be as much as one-quarter of a tank off, potentially leading some to unintentionally drive on an empty tank, which could lead to engine stalls and increases the risk of an accident. notes that, the “NHTSA operates the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Vehicle Safety Hotline telephone service to collect accurate and timely information from consumers on vehicle safety problems. You can call 888-327-4236 or 800-424-9393 toll free from anywhere in the United States to register complaints or receive information on a vehicle.”

Products Liability in Cleveland

Product manufacturers are responsible for creating and distributing products that aren’t inherently dangerous to drivers. The Section 2307.75 of the Ohio Revised Code governs specifics for defective products in Cleveland and throughout the rest of the state.  It provides, among others things, that a product is defective if the risks associated with the product, such as the nature of the harm associated with the design, exceed the benefits of the product itself, such as the actual intended use of the car. In the case of the faulty fuel gauges in the SUVs subject to General Motors’ latest recall, the current design of the vehicle has led to an unsafe car. This risk, in the case of serious injury or death of a driver or passenger, outweighs the benefits of possessing the car itself.

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By law you should enjoy the right to drive a car free of defects and that is manufactured to ensure your safety and that of your passengers and others on the road. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the reality, with so many defective cars on the roads today made by GM and other manufacturers. If you suffered injuries while driving a defective vehicle – whether it’s a GM vehicle or one made by another automaker – speak to our accident attorneys at Ryan, LLP in Cleveland. We can help you initiate a claim against a manufacturer to recover compensation for your injuries, or help you file a wrongful death action on behalf of a deceased loved one. You can reach us at 877-864-9495.

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