Handicap Driving

Handicap Driving

Handicap Driving

In U.S., there are multiple laws that support disabled person that has helped them to have more than just living in the society as these set of laws have made them functionable where they can make living or put themselves in their field of interest. One law that has enabled people with one less limb or someone has disabilities is the handicap driving. 

Disabled driving refers to the notion where people who have lost atleast on of their limb can drive their vehicle through requiring them to install special adjustments to drive their car accordingly. But, it is not that simple as they are assessed by the government just like other applicants for driving school and goes through same process of assessment for approval. 

Requirements for taking Disabled Driving Lessons

By the word itself, disabled driving lessons are exclusive for physically impared persons but not mentally impared individuals. Every disabled person can drive and different driving centers assess each applicants' physical condition to recommend specialized modification on their car for them to drive comfortably and safely and here are some general requirements when taking disabled driving lessons: 

  • Must Be at Least 16 Years of Age

    For all non disabled applicants the minimum age to drive a vehicle is around 16 years old but for people who have a Disability Living Allowance are allowed to take driving lessons at the age of 15 and similar to usual driving lessons, they are required to look for a qualified instructor for them to teach them apt instructions on their situation.  

  • Exclusive modification of vehicle catered to specific disability 

    Just as mentioned above, the car that will be used by a specific person with disability should be modified according to his/her disability to utilize it safely and effectively and it is required by law and should be done by valid and authorized shop or agency. 

  • Pass tests

    Similar to usual driving lesson procedures, disabled driving applicants should pass the theory and practical tests convincingly. 

Laws inclined with Handicap Driving

Americans with Disabilities Act

Americans with Disabilities Act was passed in 1990 and has revisions in 2008, essentially, it protects persons with disabilities from discrimination that they should be employed and within the hands of government to have them first receive financial or any form of assistance. It also states that public buildings should be built for everyone which means it should be accessible for people with disabilities and other benefits including gas price reduction. 
State Motor Vehicle Laws

According to this law, everyone including people with disability can have their driving license but in case of people with disability, they should openly reveal their disability for the drivign center or related government agency can assess their situation and respond with proper advice and recommendation of their courses of the driving situation like modification and aide driving related.

Vehicle Modification Law

From what this law states, it is said that they allowed the installation of "adaptive" equipment on passenger vehicles specially for people with disability, may it be vision, hearing, or amputees. 

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