Hard hats in Construction Work Place

Hard hats in Construction Work Place

Hard hats in Construction Work Place 

Construction jobs are the hardest occupation here in U.S., most would say and do agree as numbers of risks are present in even the smallest quarter inside a workplace. Some of these risks are the major ones such as falling off, tripping from tools and equipments lying down, eletrocutions, unsafe and defective electrical equipment, and being struck by falling or moving objects. 

Among all of these risks, the most easy to avoid and preventable risk is being struck by falling or moving construction objects but unfortunately, despite the efforts of non-profit government agencies that promotes safety and security inside a work place, sustenance of injuries and deaths is still recurring as there are more than 50,000 employees who sustained injuries caused by being struck by falling object according to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and specifically, 116 injury sustenance event happen every day caused by falling objects or 1 injury per 10 minutes in a day. 

One way to protect head from falling objects, debris, and moving objects is the implementation of requirement of wearing hard hats while inside a work place. A hard hat is a specialized helmet that is worn specifically on industrial jobs such as construction field to prevent sustenance of head injuries. Head injuries are commonly caused by falling objects, debris, weather-related events, electrocutions, and etc. 

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), hard hats are proven to be an essential piece of the collective personal protective equipment (PPE) set required in a work place but from their recent reports, it only shows that only 16% of workers specifically in this field who sustained injuries wore their respective hard hats. 

Risks that Hard Hats can prevent

There are numerous potential construction site hazards that may require head protection by wearing hard hats such as:

  • First and commonly it protects one from falling or moving objects

  • Electrical shock due to direct contact on unprotected head from live wires and other electrical equipments 

  • Natural risks that exists such as lying and unchecked equipments, weather-caused incidents, and sustenance of head damage from falling 

Negligence of Employer

According to construction safety standards of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), employees that work in a work place have innate risks, whether it is preventable or not, must be protected by standard protective helmets from risks such as falling or moving objects, electrical shock, and unintentional or negligent hits from equipment. And even without the said standards, employers ought to protect their employees as they are under their responsibility and must be expended or invested with proper personal protective equipment (PPEs) and safety gears for their ongoing project until the project or term is done. 

When the employer failed to provide proper protection by means of provision of personal protective equipment (PPEs) and safety gears according to their given task, the employer would be held liable to the cases of sustenance of injuries and employees are entitled to file for a workers' compensation to cover their medical bills and loss of income due to recuperation days and absence from work. 

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