Head damages are linked to Vision Loss

Head damages are linked to Vision Loss

Head damages are linked to Vision Loss

Head and neck damages following an unexpected accident and has caught one off-guard usually results in extended damage than expected. This specific damage in our body's central control center could lead to multiple issues that is related to its function such as hearing, cognition, movement and motor skills, and even vision which is scary as those are our essential bodily functions for us to be productive and do our living and render us to have quality life.

Specifically, partial or complete vision is a imaginable occurence following a violent head trauma. This happens after a specific area in the brain that is in charge for the interpretation of gathered data from the eyes is affected from an accident that dealt massive force inside that area or specifically from being struck by a moving objects, falls, and it is even obtained following a car accident. 

From retrospect, head injuries occur rarely as they only happen to 5% out of all people experienced all types of head injuries and specifically, they happen usually with frontal impact. Unfortunately, recovery of vision in frontal impact related vision loss is less than 50% and most of them require extensive recovery and operations at an extent. 

How is Vision Loss related to Brain Damage? 

Occipital lobe (one of the four lobes that is in charge of vision and other senses) is located at the back of your head, which means if the recent accident dealt medium to hard blow on the back of your head could render you to suffer from partial or even complete vision loss and has tentative recuperation time or even permanently. 

For example, this case is highly susceptible for people who have experienced slip and fall accident as it results in falling backwards and unpreventable to regain your last position (but the accident itself is preventable through not practicing negligence inside a work place or an establishment) and you would stake your arm to prevent your fall as it may a collateral damage for the said attempt, other incident where the back of your head is hit is being struck by a moving or flying object (this usually occurs in construction work places and grocery stores) and this is fatal when the object being hit to you is heavy or edged and may record fatalities. 

One way to avoid being hit in the head is wearing helmets, though this is only applicable as an employee in a workplace where this occurs and even better when the employer requires to wear it even if it is not in the mentioned work places as it doesn't only protect your head from back hits but also the overall head from any form of damages coming from all types of risks for head injuries. While, in cases of slip and fall, experts said that curling sideways before a fall could save you from broken bones and head injuries too. 

What should a victim do incase one suffered from head injuries?

  • Personal Injury Claim
    If the head injuries were obtained following a car crash and it is obvious that the at-fault driver is negligent regarding his driving, you can file for an injury claim.

  • Premises Liability
    If the victim sustained a head injury inside an owned establishment because of wet floors or lying cable wirings and has caused him/her to fall and they didn't put warning signs on the said wet floor or cables were left unchecked, then you can file for a premises liability against them.

  • Workers' Compensation 
    File for a workers' comp when falling or being hit by an object or equipments without requirement of wearing personal protective equipments (PPEs) against the employer.
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