Head-on Collisions in Ohio

Head-on Collisions in Ohio

Head-on Collisions in Ohio

In a road acccident, there are many contributing factors for such an unfortunate event to happen such as speed, position of involved cars or from where they are heading or coming from, human errors, mechanical error, road condition, and even the location and type of road where the accident occur if it is either at intersection that causes most T-bone style accidents, highways that results in most rear-end accidents, near construction or construction related accidents that results in collateral damage extending up to construction workers as well as its service vehicles, or at high paced interstate roads where serious accidents that results in fatalities and severe damages. 

Safety and knowledge of road safety is what general drivers aim for or so what we call defensive driving, knowing what specific types of accident and how it occur is an essential too for drivers to avoid those instances that tend to end up in that type of accident. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss one type of those many accidents which is head-on collision that is both common and deals huge amount of fatalities numbers in U.S. 

Retrospect of Head-on Collision

Head-on collisions are known for fatalities and unimaginable damage inflicted upon to those people involved, in a retrospect, here are its recorded tendencies:

  • In past few years, there were recorded an estimated number of 123,000 head-on collisions (2% of all crashes occurred in U.S.) but they contributed for 10.1% of total fatalities in crashes here at U.S.

  • According to National Safety Council (NSC), in 2019, there were approximately 5,000 head-on collision related fatalities across U.S that is 29.9% in total form of crashes along with angle collisions with 7,500 deaths (44.9%), rear-end collisions with 2,900 deaths (17.4%), and other form of crashes with 1,300 recorded deaths (7.8%). 

  • Fatal tendencies of head-on accidents are actually higher compared to other form of road collisions. Along with roll-over, pedestrian, and bicycle crashes only contributes to 6.1% to all road accidents but has one-third or 34.5% traffic-related fatalities. 

  • According to Fatal Analysis Reporting System (FARS) by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 18% of all fatal car accidents are head-on collisions.

  • Head-on crashes cause 13% of all fatal accidents in urban areas but, it is said that it is less than 7% of deadly wrecks in urban areas are head-on impacts. 

Common Reasons Why Head-on Accidents Occur

Head-on accidents are commonly caused by human error, weather and road condition, and mechanical error, just like other form of road crashes. These are some specific causes that greatly contribute to head-on accident occurrence:

  1. Fatigue and Drowsy Driving

    Being drowsy and being sleep deprived while driving renders someone to be less skilled and reactant as a driver. For an instance, when there is a road emergency that requires quick reaction, drowsy drivers won't react promptly to it and will likely won't avoid a certain accident and may sustain injuries and even dealt with death, depending on speed of cars invovled. 

  2. Distracted Driving 

    Distracted driving is known for its major cause for most fatal accidents. Similar to drowsy and fatigued driving, distracted driving renders a driver to have slower reaction time when it is required to react on an emergency, aside from that, one's attention will be shift upon other matter rather than being focused on driving.

  3. Poor road visibility due to weather or time

    Poor road visibility will render a driver to make other cars ahead of him or coming to him lesser visible, to an extent that he will assume that there are no other cars that he might get across at or following. This context is what makes poor road visibility because of foggy or winter weather or night time driving dangerous, aside from visibility, bad road condition due to slipperry surface because of rain or snow will likely to result in an accident because it would be difficult for a driver to maintain his control over the car. 

  4. Driving under influence of drugs or alcohol

    Again, driving under influence of drugs or alcohol has similar or worse effect as compared to drowsy and distracted driving as it lowers a driver's ability to comprehend traffic situations, lowers visibility as it blurs one vision, and decreases reaction time which are deadly combination of one's driving condition. 

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