Highway Hypnosis

Highway Hypnosis

Highway Hypnosis as form of Distracted Driving

Distracted driving has a lot of distinction, specifically, from physical to mental distraction, such as texting, eating to spacing out, all of these while driving which causes unexpected outcome from a small detail of the act like car crashes into property or to another car. Though, this is somewhat expected as distracted driving such as highway hypnosis accounts for more than 33,000 deaths in 2019 that it make up to 9% of factor which causes fatal crashes across U.S. 

What is Highway Hypnosis?

Every driver must have experienced traveling long miles to arrive at a destination without any trouble and accident at all but had no recollection of what happened during the travel, yes that is highway hypnosis or white line fever. It feels like you are in an autopilot mode but it isn't, just the absence of mindand can be considered as a form of distracted driving. 

Highway hypnosis or also known as white line fever, is type of mental state where a person is seemed to be in a completely normal state that he/she can drive a truck, car or any automobile at long hours, can appropriately respond happenings in the road and follow rules, generally, can uncosciously identifty errors and risks while in the road yet has no memory about it, solely how he arrived at his destination.  

Causes and Signs of Highway Hypnosis
There are ofcourse known causes of highway hypnosis according to people who have experienced them responded in a survey. Some of the known causes are:

  • Sleepiness
  • Fatigue acquired from monotonous road
  • Loss of Attention and lured to other matter
  • Dehydration 

Signs that the driver is experiencing highway hypnosis that occupants should watch out for:

  • sleepiness that causes heavy eyes or constant blinking
  • dizzy feeling or numbing 
  • absence of concentration or spacing out of thoughts
  • slow reaction time (due to these all three signs)

Other forms of Drowsy Driving

In fact, those above mentioned signs has similarities to the notions that are classified as drowsy driving. Drowsy driving in the first place means driving a vehicle along road while being in state of lack of sleep and has experiencing its negative effects on vision, cognitive and motor skills. According to a survey in 1998, 23% of adult drivers fallen asleep while driving and has been involved in significant accidents as drowsy driving can impair and almost disable the function of one's brain as effective as alcohol. Similarities of drowsy driving and hypnosis is that both happens when driver started to travel without rest and is tired enough for his senses to be alert and lying on the possibility of falling asleep while driving that causes great danger among the driver and other road users. While, their difference is that hynosis driving accidents happen when a driver is either asleep or awake yet can still make good road decisions just not alert, but drowsy driving accidents usually happen when a driver falls asleep or even half conscious. It is an understatement but driving hypnosis is dangerous as it happens without our realization since driver can still drive and functions well along the road but their reaction time and road awareness is impaired as much as drowsy driving.

As a victim of Drowsy Driving and Hypnosis Driving

 If you are a victim of proven drowsy driving or hypnosis driving and has sustained multiple significant injuries, you are entitled to file a personal injury claim. It is a long process that would take months and has confusing process but hiring a law firm that would help you from the integration of your claim to receiving your compensation pay from defendant's insurers is recommended. Ryan LLP is an injury law firm based in Ohio that has 40 years plus of experience an has helped many victims of every type of injury and death to represent them and their claim legally. Call our offices now for free civil assistance. 

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