How does Alcohol can affect one’s Driving?

How does Alcohol can affect one's Driving?

How does Alcohol can affect one's Driving?

Even after few years, car accident has been consistently involved in the list of leading causes of death in United States. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), car accidents has recorded more than 173,000 deaths in 2019 alone, seconding to heart disease and cancer with combined numbers of more than 1 million recorded death. 

With these alarming numbers of car accident fatalities, road users are still unaware what are the causes for an accident to occur and some are still practicing these dangerous factors such as distracted driving and etc. for a crash to happen without thinking twice. Here are some additional common factors for an accident to occur:

  • Speeding
  • Mechanical Errors
  • Human Errors
  • Bad Weather and Road Condition

Though, these factors are the ones drivers are well-aware of and does take precautionary measures against these and mitigate their chances of being involved in accident being within the presence of these factors or even eliminate these factors through asking for assistance from professionals and shop services. But unfortunately, some drivers are still driving with one factor that significantly affect their driving, under the influence of alcohol. 

It is also known that during this season wherein celebrating with involvement of alcohol is pretty usual and most people involved in celebrations came from far places and had to travel by road, which is pretty scary. Here is our latest blog about how alcohol could affect one's driving to give light to drivers how scary driving under influence alcohol would be. 

Effects of Alcohol on a Driver

  1. Increased Risk Taking

    Commonly, people who are drunk tend to have less control over their emotion and has decreased cognition which could make them an aggressive driver with high confidence along side. They have scenarios in their head and wanting to fullfil that such as wanting to be hailed as the fastest driver at that specific moment and tend to do risky moves which are likely to end in an accident. 


  2. Inaccurate Steering and Difficulty in Taking In Control

    Due to their status of being intoxicated with alcohol, they are having somewhat weird control over the vehicle and tend to change lane in a whim without notice and it might affect other road users and pedestrians may get side-sweep that could be deadly if they are driving at high speed as well. 


  3. Impair Vision, Judgement, and Movement due to Drowsiness

    Alcohol, even in smaller amount, could render a driver to be drowsy and may collaterally affect his movement, vision, and judgement negatively in general. All of these combined, a driver is surely be involved in accident as he has limited vision while driving at high speed and has no control over the steering wheel. 

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