How the Pandemic is linked to New York’s Traffic Accident

How the Pandemic is linked to New York's Traffic Accident

How the Pandemic is linked to New York's Traffic Accident

A new report from Transportation Alternatives, one of the city’s leading safe streets advocacy groups, has found out from their recent observation that 124 New Yorkers have been killed in fatal crashes this third half of the year-- through June 30, 70 individuals were also killed by traffic violence in the first quarter this year, and 72 fatalities by any cause as of now. This is a record-breaking (based on last 5 years records) and harrowing figure despite de Blasio's effort to protect people on our roads by Vision Zero initiative where the city mayor has implemented more speed cameras and tracers, optimized enforcements and public announcements for awareness. 

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio announced his 'Vision Zero' program back in 2014 but what does it entail? The goal behind the plan was simple: reduce traffic fatalities by providing safer infrastructure for drivers and pedestrians alike while cracking down more heavily on unsafe driving practices such as speeding or not wearing helmets when biking at night time all over NYC. The mayor was highly concerned in the sudden rise of the reports of cases of traffic collision even though human activity is not at its peak because of the pandemic, and in contrary the mayor believes that these numbers are mainly blamed to COVID- 19. 

The increased number of roadway deaths in mayor's assumptions may be attributed to COVID-19 as how it drastically spurred an increase in private car usage at the expense for other means like public transit as seen through commuter behavior changes after H1N1 hit back in 2009 where studies found out that it caused people to switch from commuting to private vehicles similar to occurrences now. 

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has a major impact on commuters. As the virus in its second year of existence, is still a threat among common people, leaves them unable to attend work or school as it can still even cause sickness and even death in the most extreme cases. This is why more deaths have been reported due to road accidents because many of these victims are still driving their personal cars instead of taking public transportation and this occurrence leads to congested roads and accident-prone environment for both pedestrians and drivers, and given that the more care are present the higher the chances of occurrece of an accident. 

2020 to 2021 traffic performance

  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's data show a significant increase in fatalities during the third and fourth quarters of 2020 as compared to the corresponding quarters of 2019.
  • The Federal Highway Administration has revealed that vehicle miles traveled fell during the year 2020 by about 13.2% from 2019.
  • The same agency has recently stated the decline in vehicle miles traveled during 2020 to about 430.2 billion miles or difference of 13.2% from 2019 and contradictory to high traffic reports.

Main Causes of Traffic Collision in 2021

  1. Overspeeding - as there are lesser car population in 2021, road users tend to overspeed despite being under government's surveillance.
  2. Drunk driving or driving under influence of drugs - Despite country's effort trying to stop drunk driving for years, and it's a shame that this is still such an issue. 10% of all roadway fatalities are due to impaired drivers which means if you drink in moderation you can reduce the chances by half.
  3. Distracted Driving - Being on phone or eating puts a driver in to mental, visual, and cognitive distraction which is more common with provided technology today. 

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