How to Avoid Car Crashes

How to Avoid Car Crashes

How to Avoid Car Crashing along road

Generally, accidents is one of the top causes of death in the world, where it is placed at 3rd along with heart disease and all type of cancer according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) study that was conducted on 2019, accidents such as car accidents has a record of over 173,000 death across all over US. Accident mostly constitutes specifically with car accidents, since car is one people used really often and uniquely, along with its benefits such as convinient transportation with privacy and cheap and long term private uses are the dangers and risks when it is taken and driven into roads. Some of the risks that car drivers experiences and suffer under are:

  • Injuries (long term and short term injuries)
  • Unexpected and unnecessary financial expenditure
  • Loss of Job and possibly living (due to injuries, employee can be absent for recuperation)
  • Decrease in Credibility (police documents your crashes and might reduce your credits)

The risk of a motorist involved in a deadly car accident is 1.3% in the US. The number seemed to be low but given the other hazard that are present within you, occupants, along the road and the car itself would cause an increase in the percentage and tendency for an accident to happen which goes when a car is unchecked and other external factors. To avoid this accident, this blog will let road users and upcoming road users what do they need to know to avoid or prevent car accidents. 

Some things to practice to avoid car crashes 

  1. First of all, when purchasing a car, look for its safety features and reliability
    If you about to buy a car and your budget is enough to buy a standard car, look for a vehicle with integrated safety features at least at minimum, such as sturdy seatbelts and air bags. Even since then, it was proven and praised that these safety features has prevented unforeseen accidents and driver's possible deaths. As in 2017, it has saved almost 15,000 lives away from death and has a 90% users all over US in 2020 according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Given our standing in technology, with enough budget and knowledge, a buyer is recommended to buy modern cars with: dashcam or 360 cameras and warning system that alarms when it is about to collide with something or incomin cars.
  2. Avoid Distracted Driving
    Local and national governments has been reprimanding and discourage distracted driving ever since then and has posed laws to punish those who practice such risky act. In 2014, 431,000 were injured incurred by car accidents that caused by distracted driving. The practice includes: texting, eating, phone usage, drunk, and/or attention is drawn to passenger, all while driving, are all types of distracted driving. 

  3. Travel by day if possible
    Traveling by day is the best option for a driving, since driving at night delivers riskier travel. Night driving can narrow driver's vision and the tendency to fall asleep while driving is also high since it causes fatigue. Poor road conditions such as pothole are barely detected by eyes when driving at night. Driving slowly is highly encouraged when traveling at night so one can have alot of time to react when encountered one of those risks. 

  4. Prepare every essentials 
    Phone, water, gps, and other personal things and essential for the function of a car should be situated beside you to avoid being distracted for finding and reaching them. Some accidents has happened in this alike manner. 

What you should do when you were a victim of a car accident?

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