How to avoid Drowsy Driving

How to avoid Drowsy Driving

How to avoid Drowsy Driving 

It is repititively stated that car accidents are caused by multiple factors, majority of these are namely; dsitracted driving, driving under influence of drugs and alcohol, mechanical, human error and drowsy driving. This one specifically, drowsy driving, is a form of human error where it mostly occur when a driver has not gathered enough hours of sleep prior to driving. Other causes of deprivation of sleep of a driver could root from sleeping disorders that were left unchecked, medications, drowsiness caused by alcohol or drugs, and working parterns. 

Drowsiness could render a driver's senses, reaction time, and vision to drop significantly or completely fall asleep while driving at some extent wherein it could result in guaranteed sustenance of major injuries and even death. Drowsy driving accounts for about 9.5% from total crashes according to American Automobile Association (AAA), and is linked to more than 100,000 crashes, 71,000 injuries, and 1,550 fatalities from the recent reports from National Safety Council (NSC). 

In this blog, we are going to stipulate some tips to make sure that you are driving 100% awake and no drowsy senses in your body is existing. Here are some tips and points to remember driving beforehand: 

  • Before and during driving duration, doing stretching or small aerobic movements such as walking around by your car and stretch your limbs to make your blood get moving again for better air intake to your brain which means better thinking and clearer decision making. It is recommended to stop at every 100 miles or so and take a break. 
  • From recent studies, caffeinated drivers are also called more safety drivers than those who don't. For most, coffee has been like the to go beverages for long-distance drivers' to make them alert and stay awake what might time is, if it is early morning or late night. Coffee is seen by many as a temporary boost and has a similar effect as Redbull that provides energy to physical body and mental state. 

    An energy crash in caffeine related accidents occur when the caffeine has worked through their body and making those who have drank worse off and may render then significantly vulnerable to crashing. 

  • If possible, when going to travel, bring someone to have a conversation since it is a good way to make the driver entertained and keep his/her brain working to make response to the conversation and so his/her attention and reaction to driving. But if the other person inside the car is sleeping, this could tend to pose a danger for both persons inside the car. 

  • Play music and eat snack most of the time while speeding down. Music and snack could take your attention at time so make sure to stay at low speed and it could help you stay awake most of the time. It may not be necessary to be music, especially when traveling alone, audio books or podcasts would be good too. 

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