I-70 West Vehicle Crash

I-70 West Vehicle Crash

I-70 West Vehicle Crash

On a busy Monday afternoon at 1:24 pm, a 3-vehicle crash has occurred along the streets of I-70 West near Airport Access Road. The recent accident has caused major traffic congestion and authorities has resorted in closing down the road and its near connecting roads to give roads to rescue team for victims as well as to the clearing operations that has occurred. The accident has resulted in sustenance of injuries of two people, involved vehicles are semi-truck, truck and a car according to Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP).

As the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is investigating a crash which occurred on I-270 around 1:24 p.m., causing all westbound lanes to close. As ODOT officials scrambled to make sure traffic moved as smoothly and quickly as possible, they closed the left two lanes while directing drivers onto nearby state Route 202 for an alternative route in order to get back up near Sylvania Avenue when the right lane reopened after being cleared of debris from the accident scene where one car was reportedly wedged under another vehicle, according this report that seems likely due to witness reports at least two person suffered serious injuries before rescue crews were able time cut them free--though it's clear how many people are involved and what vehicles are involved but what is unclear is the cause of the hassling accident and the scene is still under investigation for whether the people involved were trapped in the wreckage and survey is still ongoing for more casualties. 

Truly it is, prevalence of truck accidents among main roads are evident in these type of headlines. In 2019, a total of 4,119 people died in truck crashes. The vast majority (67%) were occupants of cars and other passenger vehicles while 16% perished as passengers on the trucks themselves. 15% more deaths occurred when pedestrians walked into traffic or bicyclists rode their bikes onto busy highways at night without headlights - riders endangering motorists just like they endanger themselves. Other statistical facts about trucks are:

  • There is an estimated 130,000 people suffer from injuries in non-fatal truck accidents every year. 
  • Male are accounted for 97% large truck accidents as drivers in the course of accidents, given that only 5.8% of the driver's population are women.
  • Fatalities among occupants in large truck accidents are proportionally increasing over time. 
  • Even in work places, involving of two or more vehicle crashes has gone up to 30% without the absence of large trucks in the accident. 

As an action to the series of gruesome accidents, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to reduce and control and hoping to prevent by percentage the frequency of these accidents, as they:

  1. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reduces the number of hours that truck drivers can spend driving to 14 hours only. This is a rule for all commercial motor vehicles, which includes buses and other trucks carrying passengers or freight over long distances.
  2. The same organization demands mandatory rests during the drive if there haven’t been a minimum of 8 hours after last driver's turn for driving. 

After its implementation, during years 2011 to 2015, the result is astonishing as there were allegedly 7,000 lives that were saved. So what causes these truck accidents?

Truck Accidents Causes

  • Limited Vision and New Unfamiliar Routes
  • Traveling during night time
  • Drowsy driving 
  • Losing control over the truck because of considerable weight 
  • Mechanical Errors such as brake and clutch broke

What can a truck accident victim can do?

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