Importance of Photographs in Car Accident Lawsuits

Importance of Photographs in Car Accident Lawsuits

Importance of Photographs in Car Accident Lawsuits 

Almost everywhere, CCTVs and dashcams are now common given the current state of our technology which had helped almost everyone from any fields of businesses and even for personal uses for whichever reasons they have, it might be for conducting business itself, security, and/or safety wherein even homes can afford such.

With the provision of footages and with newer features of cameras these days such as clearer resolution, human identification, and GPS tracing, utilizing them for their purposes are much more easier than ever. Like for security and safety, culprits are hard to find even provided or handed assistance from witnesses by chance and even more without it but with cameras spread in a town, it would be much more convenient for police investigators to trace culprits especially in fast paced incidents such as car crashes. CCTVs and surveillance footages are more relied on by police investigators because of their accuracy and consistency wherein human witnesses often see things and has their own perspective. 

To properly utilize your mobile electronics such as cellphones as they are your personal defense for your police and court statements when things go in such extent, aside from CCTVs and surveillance cameras as phones are one of the most trusted form of proof among all, here are some tips to use.

What are things that should be included when taking photos? 

  • Damage sustained by both cars should be taken and even the side where there is no damage taken as this would be helpful when the other party asserts that they have sustained more damage than they actually did or exaggeration. 
  • Location where the accident occurred or the road, include the markings left, blood, or oil on the road or generally the whole accident scene
  • Aside from property damage, physical injuries are also recommended to be included when taking photo. 
  • If possible, take pictures for witnesses to where they are standing as it can used later on when persuading something such as his/her credibility of claims. 

How photographs would affect your claim? 

  • As what mentioned earlier, showing damages to both cars including the sides that hasn't took enough damage could prove that you have sustained more property damage or disagree to at-fault driver that he/she has sustained more which will make his/her offense more heavy if proven lying.
  • Would definitely easen police investigators' work and could make a decisive conclusion when provided with surveillance footage and pairing photos from the scene.
  • While the case is even before running, asserting that you have as well sustained minor or significant injuries to the police report would make your case stronger in initial stages. 
  • Your hired lawyer can create an initial plan on calculating damages which is convenient for both parties. 
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