Importance of Police Reports in an Injury Claim

Importance of Police Reports in an Injury Claim

Thousands of car accidents happen every day, in fact 16,438 car crashes per day occur everyday according to Wandering RV as almost 1.25 million road users and their passengers die every year. These accidents literally happen almost everywhere and anytime as some of them are not captured or filmed with a CCTV or surveillance camera. The best and most common thing that the victims or involved in a road crash is to get themselves an assistance from proper authorities such as police and hospitals. Following an event of accident, involved persons were recommended to file a police record. 

To fully give readers a full a grip of idea what a police record is in legal terms, a police report is a record written containing the significant parts of a full event of an accident, from multiple fragments of statements of a person who was involved in the accident. Police report can help the police to determine facts and what transpire in the scene, police as well may refer to these police reports to prove someone guilty or innocent. 

So, when involved in an accident, you are highly encouraged to immediately call the police if managable, and file a police report as it may inflict bad consequences on you. 

When Should You File a Police Report?

Even in minor accidents, as long as you are involved, you should call the police. Sustenance of major or minor, and appears that no one has been hurt and damage to each property is considerably okay, you should still file a police report for these following reasons:

  • A concrete written report of "how, when and who" of accident and complete information about it is provided after one involved in the accident properly file a police report.  

  • After trained police officers looked into the scene, expect a new information that is out of from your perspective, since police officers investigate according to their study and experience giving you a form of assurance and be less upset or alleviate your burden as much as possible so you can look again in to the situation with new perspective.

  • Oftentimes, injuries such as bruises, internal bleeding and other closed injuries take time to appear usually, a week or so before discovering. So, when you file a police report, concrete evidences do exist as from where you sustained your injuries when you decided to file an injury claim

  • And lastly, police reports are essential when making statements amidst lawsuits. So, when you don't file a police report then the other driver involved in the accident may turn around the case and blame you the liabilites. 

If one didn't file a police report in the recent accident, when filing a personal injury claim against someone as means of covering heap of bills including health-related bills and property repairs following the accident, your filed claim may end up rejected as insurance companies and injury attorneys highly work with the police for legitemacy and verification of what transpired in the scene to help them decide what actions should they take as it involved large sum of money in the first place. They may think that you make false statement or slander even if, for an instance, you were accountable for the accident. 

And when no one filed a police report, though it is unncessary, it provide victim's perspective and at-fault driver's perspective and as mentioned earlier, police base their decision and verdict on police reports so if no police report was filed, then it would be hard for both to prove their innocence and liability. It is nothing to be worried about as when you decided to hire a law firm, your attorneys can definitely refer to these other form of strong evidences:

  • Bystander witnesses

  • Type of car damage 

  • CCTV recordings and captures, surveillance camera, dashcam footages

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