Injuries caused by Forceps

Injuries caused by Forceps

Injuries caused by Forceps  In an event of child delivery, there are many equipment and tools that doctors and midwives use to safely deliver a child from a mother's tummy. And given that every mother has different labor situation wherein doctors deal with each differently too, namely, there are few ways to give birth such as vaginal birth, natural birth, scheduled and unplanned cesarean, scheduled induction, or vaginal birth after c-section or VBAC. For doctors to properly execute these various operation or extraction, they need set of tools as well, one of them is forceps. Forceps or obstetrical forceps are tools in field in medicine where its specific use is for childbirth, they are used as an alternative to ventouse method and there are some claims that this is safer than ventouse. In scenario, they are used to force the baby from the mother's opening when they are both in danger as when the mother is too tired or when the labor stops or a case of breech birth. There are two sides of a coin, while forceps are safer alternative than a ventouse, it can also put the baby at risks alone for potential sustenance of various injuries that can scar them for life as it may result to a cognitive or motor disability at extreme cases. Though, it most U.S. hospitals that are provided with high-end medical inclined technology, the use of forceps has declined drastically since then due to the innovation done for Cesarean Sections (C-Sections) and the addition discovery of risks of forceps during birth but unfortunately, there are still some medical institutes use forceps as a cheap alternative knowing its imposed risks.   Reasons why doctors use forceps  There are many reasons for doctors to switch to an alternative manner of delivery because of mainly developing situation for the mother and its baby, here are some common reasons why doctors use forceps during a delivery:
  • Abnormal heartbeat of the baby
  • Labor process is stucked or obstructed or not progessive
  • The mother also suffer from other condition that may affect the delivery

The continuing use of forceps render babies alone to be exposed from many childbirth injuries including:

  1. Cerebral Palsy
  2. Brachial Plexus Palsy
  3. Skull fractures
  4. Seizures
  5. Internal Bleeding
  6. Paralysis on affected parts
  7. Traumatic brain injury
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