Injury-Causing Construction Tools

Injury-Causing Construction Tools

Injury-Causing Construction Tools

In this modern world, tall buildings are now possible to be built within few months because modern construction industry is equipped and provided with different kinds of equipments, tools, and machineries to be of an assistance for humanly inadequancies and inabilities to perform these said tasks lacking of human, quicker and more effective in respect to time and energy. 

Construction sites or generally, the industry has mustered concerningly high numbers of injuries and even deaths in previous years up to these days. Data from Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI) identified that 1,102 construction related fatalities were recorded in 2019 alone, these fatalities goes by causes from falls, slips and trips, electrocution, mostly caused by tool-related injuries, and lastly, collapse of something. 

It is mentioned that tools contributed to most accidents in the construction industry, factor that increases the tendency of these tool-related injury is because of defective construction tools and equipments as well as the inability or inexperience of a certain worker to utilize such tools with mastery or even properly and some are just risky to use and has high tendency to cause injury. In this blog, we are going to staple construction tools that are risky and fatal when defective or just naturally risky to use without proper experience.  

Common Equipment or Tools that deal fatalities or injuries yearly

Here are some common tools that can increase chances of getting injury while working and even significantly increase if these tools doesn't function properly as due to their size and manner of usage:

  • Ladders, forklift, and cranes - these are the highest contributor to the number of falls and trips in the industry of construction that major cases results in deaths. As these tools if defective, it increases the chances of falling and trips while workers unconsciously step on them and it is hard to notice such issues when accomplishing their tasks. In these past few years, fall has been the leading cause of death in the said industry as it account for more than one-third or 36.4% of total fatalities in the industry or 401 out of 991 fatalities in the year 2019 alone. 

  • Saws, sanders, and polishers (and alike tools) - These types of blunt tools are responsible for more than 39,750 injuries annually. Sustained injuries vary from one another as it scales with inexperience of a worker using it and the capacity of strength. 

  • Extractors, winches, and graters (and alike tools that has rotating actions) - Tools that has rotating actions can be very dangerous without proper training, knowledge, and safety precautions. 

  • Scrapers - Injuries that can be sustained from scrapers are lacerations and eye injuries, using it without experience and safety precautions can be very dangerous and may lead to amputation.

  • Nail guns - In a recent report, more than half of nail gun related injuries are from hand to fingers and in severe cases, directly to bones. 

  • Bulldozers, bobcats, and other big machineries that requires skills - Leading causes of death is being struck by object which includes being hit by big machineries and these are fatal, where in fact it is already given. More than 60% of construction deaths in 2017 is being hit by hard objects. Miscommunication and inexperience are main cause of bad outcomes relating to bulldozers and other big machinery accidents.

Things to look for

Workers' compensation is a system where you are given settlement pay from your employer as to assist a worker victim of negligence manifested by employer and caused harm and even injuries that has affected his/her earning capacity instead of filing a claim directly against your employer. These are the things to look for if your case of injury sustenance is eligible for a workers' comp or product liability claim that is a claim when sustained an injury due to malicious inent or negligence for a person to use or consume a product that is substandard or said defective: 

  1. Design is hard to work with and non ergonomic

  2. Factory Defect and has tendency to malfunction 

  3. False Marketing/ False Instruction of Usage 

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If you were involved in a work-related accident and sustained either minor or significant injury that has affected your earning capacity or even jeopardized your living and found out that it is caused by your employer's series of negligent actions, then you are eligible to file for a workers' compensation to cover your medical expenses as well as potential loss of income.  

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