Injury Claims for Sustaining Amputations

Injury Claims for Sustaining Amputations

As a functioning young or a full-pledged adult, we accomplish things and finish our crafts with our two hands and if not enough, accompanied by another set of feet for a swift finish and efficacy. Our limbs are essential to make living to maintain our quality of life and play important role when accomplishing our life goals as an adult and even pivotal part of growing up. But what happens when the next day upon driving to work or while working inside your lovable workplace, an accident happened where it has caused the doctors took you in under their care decided to cut off one or the pair of limbs because of the severity of the recent accident you were involved in.

This medical procedure where any limb of piece of one's body is necessary to be severed because of few factors such as infection, non repairable, or disease related facor is called amputation. Amputation is deemed to be partial or total amputation which means, a limb can be cut in half or fully severed. Either way, it would be hard for the patient to absorb that his/her limb is severed, it would leave an individual devastated and lost.

They may not be able to make their living as previously mentioned, limbs are essential for making one's living (though not necessarily all) and would never think twice quitting their jobs even after recuperating and may have the need to change careers for few psychological reasonings and leave them mentally stressed out and depressed about what had happened to them recently. 

What causes amputations? 

Amputations root from multiple and extreme occurrences such as: 

  • Severe forms of car accident, usually T-bone style car accident
  • Extensive lacerations and cuts from work accidents, usually from constructions and industrial work place
  • Fall accidents from any places due to uneven surfaces, stepping on lying objects, and etc. 
  • Cancer-related amputations
  • Diabetes-related amputations

Who is liable for Amputation Injuries? 

  • Workplace accidents

    In industrial work places with numerous heavy machineries and tools occurs the most cases of injuries that end in amputation or worse, permanent disabilities as these tools with the contributing factor of human error and weather increases the chances of occurrence of debilitating injuries. If such occurrence happens, workers' compensation is said to be the only legal option that victim/employee can file against their negligent or lacking employer if the injuries sustained while in the job with obvious lacking on the ends of employer that led to amputation or loss of a limb. And when the injury that led to amputation was caused by a negligent person who is not affiliated in your job, then you can sue him for compensatory damages. 

  • Products liability case

    Faulty products, non ergonomic designs, and other product imperfections that has been used by people in either of fields that has resulted in amputation injuries can charge liabilities to manufacturers and companies involved in the making as they are as well responsible about the assurance of safety of their product and even if they are not involved anymore in the latter part after the manufacturing, they are still liable if their product is viable and safe for its intended usage unless it is not and misused (if proven, they are not liable of the damages dealt if utilized negligently).  

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