Living With a Permanent Spinal Cord Injury

Living With a Permanent Spinal Cord Injury

Living With a Permanent Spinal Cord Injury

A thing about spinal cord injuries, it is not automatically identified as a absolute one spinal cord injury as it has two primary types, namely complete and incomplete spinal cord injuries. An incomplete spinal cord injury is describe as having some movement or sensation in the body beyond injury which means the spinal cord is partially severed or damaged allowing the patient to regain few functions and paralysis is temporary but leaving a limb or few parts of the body immobile. 

A complete injury in the spinal cord is describe as the spinal cord being fully severed, losing full functions from neck and below, paralysis is observed in affected areas and it is deemed severe, immobility on all four limbs is likely to happen too. 

Long Term Effects of Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord damages transition to change in quality of life and may affect few habits of a patient to be affected and may impact it negatively, some of them are: 

Bowel Function Issues

After a patient sustained spinal cord damage, he/she has likelihood of bowel function issues. With this given, patient is encouraged to start a program for daily bowel performance. The program includes scheduling suppositories, digital stimulation of bowels, manually emptying bowels and mini-enemas which are usually done at home and going to bathroom with assistance from a professional if patient's lower body is paralyzed. 


Every injuries one sustain inflicts mental damage too, this especially stress out when one sustain life changing injury such as spinal cord injury. People who sustain such injuries tend to suffer depression. People who suffer from depression are charaterize as having mood swings, altered thoughts, decreased productivity, and significant reduction in quality of life. 

Bed Sores

As someone who have just recovered from spinal cord injuries, despite that, he/she is still encouraged to take a lot of rest which lead to a possibility of development of bed sores. As they are still feeling pain from the recent spinal cord injuries or having altered physique, patient may need assistance when coming from bed to do things and may need help when changing person's position while in bed and is necessary as constant one position in bed could cause bed sores. 

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