Manhole Covers Risks

Manhole Covers Risks

Manhole Covers Risks

In cities, where all types of things move so fast that no one could notice that it has moved from place to another. Cars in busy roads and even not so busy roads are a lot and may cause multiple events, either bad or good outcomes. Even with the smallest detail in a road could cause an accident, this doesn't excuse a manhole. A manhole could potentially be a risk and a presence of hazard along road when goes crooked and may obstruct a car or may be ran over by a car and may cause a form of car accident. Manhole can become loose due to heavy cars' vibration while they pass the road and they are usually left unchecked oftentimes as they are given less attention as they are just covers to be frank. 

Most drivers nowadays are careful and mindful when they are driving or so to speak, they practice defensive driving in general or the practice where they take their time driving to avoid accidents or putting themselves in dire situations through set of disciplined driving but unfortunately, there are still unexpected risks that sprouts out of nowhere such as loose manhole covers. 

Manhole Covers Accidents in a Retrospect

It is given that obstructions along roads are considered hazards even if it is necessary for a federal project and a factor for an accident to happen. As in 2016, from a report from CBS, there have been more than 3,500 complaints about a state's unsecure manhole covers and grates which has led to some form of road inconvenience including car accident

And, this occurrence isn't only one in its type but in most states in U.S., it averages more than 3,000 complaints regarding faulty or loose manhole covers that were unchecked within a two year span of observation span which is a considerable large amount especially when you put it in mind that loose manholes were not problems back then. 

Effects of Loose Manholes

It happens so rarely, but when a vehicle pass over a loose manhole then there is a slight chance for the vehicle to dislodge it and send it flying or may run over his engine and may cause a force stop which could lead to a lose control over the vehicle. This event could potential put harm not only for the driver but pose harm to other drivers and even pedestrian and could make contact with them at high speed, depending on the situation. It can also send vehicles rolling which could be fatal. 

What to do when you see a loose or open manhole?

If ever you happen to stumble upon a open or loose manhole and luckily didn't transitioned to a car crash, you may report it immediately to local authority for them to put a warning sign as a potential dangerous area and work on it immediately.

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