Slips, Trips and Falls in Workspace Negligence Claim

Slips, Trips and Falls in Workspace Negligence Claim

Slips, Trips and Falls in Workspace Negligence Claim

After an unexpected accident of slip, trip or a fall, it is a common sense to get immediate medical attention. According to National Floor Safety Institution (NFSI), falls accidents are responsible for over 8 million hospital ER (emergency rooms) visits, or 21.3% of total hospital visits. Given the context, people who experienced mentioned accidents has drastic consequences such as injuries and disabilities if not given proper and immediate help following an accident. 

With that said, following a fall, you should prioritize your health and ask for someone to lend you a hand to check your health from a doctor. Even if you say that your injuries sustained are mild and can be treated at home or that you didn’t fall too hard still may lead to developing a serious underlying injury and may develop to more complex anytime as it is unchecked by a professional. Aside from serious adverse effect, it can void your rights to file an injury claim if ever you think there is someone who is responsible for that. 

So, if ever you’ve experienced such accident as slip, trip or fall, we highly encourage to seek an immediate medical evaluation. So that the development of possible underlying problems would be prevented and small injures will be treated and a filing for an injury claim would be sent out immediately before its expiry, a victim should provide the following for eligibility such as: 

Proof of Injury 
Proving that one has injuries is essential as first step for filing a claim, its purpose is to establish attention with your employer's insurer so they will openly negotiate with you and your lawyer. It would not be rational for one to lend his attention without proof of damage right and if insurers does, they would question it highly since they are paying large amount of money, its just insurers doesn't like it. Things to demonstrate for proving an injury:

  • Evident Injuries (either healing or fresh injuries)
  • Injuries should be evidently result from falls, slips, or trips and suffer from it (temporary disability)

How to amateurly treat an injury from slip, trip, and fall

  1. Get the person to rest and ask where does it hurt
  2. Encourage them to ask for help getting up when filling up their medical record if managable
  3. Apply ice pack to the spot of injury (if mild, if serious immediately go to hospital)
  4. Wait for help to arrive

Medical Records and Doctor's Notes
An opinion and diagnosis from a licensed doctor affects the case dramatically so keep in mind to manage to report your injuries as soon as possible to your doctor as well since it serves as a big proof aside from injuries and giving your case high chances of winning. Some documentations that should be prepared are:

  • Admission forms
  • Diagnosis Records
  • Schedules 
  • Hospital Records 
  • Treatment Plans

Filing for a worker's compensation has longer expiry date compared to other lawsuits, but the longer you wait to seek medical attention after your injury, the more likely one's employer's insurer could think that it is not his fault and other reasons. In addition, a history of accident before the work space accident could more complicate things with the insurer and ignore the claim instead. Even with proofs and proper documentation, there are chances that your claim may still be neglected if you report your injuries to your physician late. 

So, after reporting your injury to your employee and to your physician, you can immediately call an injury lawyer and don't worry, they are free unless you are also paid by defendant's insurer. Ryan LLP is an Ohio based injury law firm that professional represents their clients with competence and confidence as they gather their evidences and basis for small time frame effectively. They are in the law field for more than 40 years and has won many cases successfully. Call our offices now for free legal consultation.

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