Mobile Applications for Traffic Safety and Navigation

Mobile Applications for Traffic Safety and Navigation

Mobile Applications for Traffic Safety and Navigation

Distracted driving is one of many causes of road accidents these days as many people are drawn into their phones while driving, in definitive terms, distracted driving refers to the act of enganging with activities that draws your attentions while rather driving. Some forms of distraction while driving known are eating, talking or browsing through phone, reading books and having a conversation with an occupant while driving can cause driver's attention to split up and could slow down his reaction time when encountering a hazard or occurrence that requires the driver to respond. 

Distracted driving, collectively, causes most major and devastating forms of vehicle accidents across U.S. as it is 27% higher for fatal accidents to occur than speeding-involved. Thus, multiple countries such as United States and Canada have banned usage of phones or holding into something while driving, because of scary evident effects and consequences that  distracted driving brought these past few years that these statistics proved from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA):

  • Nearly 400,000 distracted drivers are injured and has reported over 3,400 deaths yearly.

  • In 2019, 3,142 deaths with relation to distracted driving. 

  • From III, there are more than 33,000 crashes that involves distracted driving in 2019. 

  • Cellphone usage contributes 13% to the total fatal distracted driving related crashes.

  • In 2018, almost 350 fatal crashes that were reported to have linked to use of cellphones while driving. 

  • According to NHTSA, ages 15 to 19 are the ones likely to be distracted while driving. 

  • 9% of total road crash accidents in 2019 was attributed to distracted driving. 

Though, in most cases of distracted driving, it is said that calling or texting was most common act or use while driving. In these days, mobile navigating app are more rampant as they are drivers' tools for smooth driving experience and giving them better chances of avoiding accidents as these mobile traffic apps has specific features to alleviate the bad manual driving experience. In this blog, we are going to unveil the light part of using navigating app while driving, but clearly not using it for calling, texting, etc. 

List of Mobile Traffic Applications 

  1. Waze
    Waze is a GPS navigation application developed by Google, initially release on 2006 and known back then as FreeMap Israel. It supports iOS and Andriod and is accessible with any smartphones and computers that has GPS support. Waze provides its users ever-updating track of one's navigation and its destination, estimated time travel and distance, and details of each route. 

    This application is recommended to those whoever new to a city or a traveler to pinpoint where he is exactly, avoid confusion, choose best and shortest route, and arrive at desired time on whereabouts. 

  2. AT&T Drive Mode
    AT&T is an application, not only exclusively for AT&T carriers, but for all and it is available for Android and Apple users. The application features its muting incoming messages, call and other mobile phone related activities detected driving, it only requires the phone to be put on silent when the GPS notice that it travels 15 mph and above then turns off when below 15 mph for couple of minutes.

  3. Fleetsafer
    Fleetsafer is an application that is downloadble on smartphones and computer tablers that has high focus on employers and its employees. It delivers it service through detection of driving status and when it does, it forces the user to comply with the driving safety countermeasures and a lot other. Unique feature of this application is that it is company-issued and puts the company in lesser, or more, away from any known liabilities. 

  4. Drive Mode
    Drive Mode is an exclusive Android app that features a voice-control option over your selected applications, it offers convinience since aside from voice-control, simple swipe and tap are also given as an option. With this, drivers can seemlessly do message and navigate over their phone without being distracted and looking. 

  5. Drive Smart
    Drive Smart is available and downloadable for both operating system, iOS and Andrio devices. It offers free real-time tracking of distance, total time of the trip, and has unique feature that can list all possible incidents that is related to your speed, acceleration, manner of braking and turns. 

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