Mobile Phone Usage While Driving

Mobile Phone Usage While Driving

Mobile Phone as an Constituent for accidents

The most dangerous thing you can do while driving down the highway is to text, talk on a cell phone or update your Facebook status. Everyday there are car accidents caused by drivers who were distracted and didn't pay attention during their drive time. These distractions will only get worse as more people own smartphones with invehicle communication systems like Apple Car Play coming out soon that allows them to use features such as voice commands for navigation, sending messages and playing music from inside of all major vehicles without ever picking up their hands off the wheel or foot off the pedals-basically anything they could be doing if someone was sitting next to them.

It's hard to drive with all the cell phones, texting and loud music playing these days. There are so many cars on our roads today that it can be difficult for drivers to focus solely on driving their car while keeping an eye out for other vehicles in front of them or behind them. This distracts from one's main priority- safety. Studies have been done which show how different sources like phone calls, text messages, streaming services work as distractions when they come into contact with traffic accidents because people tend not only miss information but also fail to anticipate events around us properly. Experts say there is enough evidence now about what risks we face by being distracted and what interventions could help reduce its impact upon road traffic crashes such as using Bluetooth headphones. 

 Statistics of Distracted driving caused by mobile phones

  • Cellphone usage on driving has led to 1.6 million crashes annually, 390,000 has led to injuries and it contributes 25% to the total crashes annually.
  • Majority of drivers and road users agrees on ban texting while driving, while 74% of it even promotes ban on holding phones while doing so.
  • According to a poll done by AAA, 94% of teens are aware of dangers brought by distracted driving by mobile phone, though 30% of it admits that they practice such as 21% of teens are involved in fatal crashes caused by texting while driving.
  • In 2017, there were 34,247 police-reported crashes caused by distracted driving, 3,611 were killed, victims ranges from 15-29. 
  • In 2016, fatalities decreased by 100+ in the preceding years. In this year as well was the uprising of usage of phone while driving. 
  • In mid 2000's, the average fatalities recorded was 3000 wherein majorities of the victim ranges from 15-19. 

It seems as though the prevalence of mobile technology is increasing exponentially, and experts predict it will continue to do so. They also suggest that this has a lot to do with younger generations using these devices more often than past ones did when they were young adults. In other words, we're seeing evidence in everything from physical activity levels down all the way to social skills.

As our society becomes increasingly dependent on instant communication through wireless technologies such as cell phones and tablets - particularly among millennials who are consistently observed by researchers at higher rates than previous years until present- there is an increase in behaviors related specifically toward addiction or immoderate use that is out of control, even in life-threatening driving and texting situation. 

Moderation for cellphone use

  • It must be used only in emergency, when doing so, stop your car and pull off from road.
  • Limit passengers as well as it might double or triple the fatality tendencies as shown from researches.
  • Never multitask inside the car or driving.
  • Practice proper driving etiqutte and manners. 

If an accident is caused by someone being careless or on their phone while behind the wheel, it's important that they get legal assistance from professionals like lawyers who know how to fight for  road accidents victims' rights in court so that justice gets done. If you are a victim of reckless and distracted driving, personal injury attorneys can help. They're the perfect people to make sure your rights are upheld in court. 

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