Nerve Injuries following a Car Accident in Ohio

Nerve Injuries following a Car Accident in Ohio

Nerve Injuries following a Car Accident in Ohio

Involvement in a car accident could lead to multiple adverse outcomes such as threatening of you and your passengers' heath, dealing with financial and emotional stress, and credibility as a driver. When we mean jeopardized health, it means the posing of many types of injuries that one have the chance to sustain when involved in an accident including fractures and broken bones, road rashes, lacerations, possible amputation, head injuries, and even death. One of the least talked about and receives less limelight when talking about which injury deals more damage is nerve injuries. 

In medical books, nerve damage refers to the injuries to the nerves of one's body, nerves are receptors for the nervous system and they are responsible for one's movement, reaction movements, and other things regarding movement and motor skills, which causes drastic negative changes when one of these are damaged and functions can affect one's way of living and ability to earn living

Types of Nerve Damage

Since car accidents has different forms and factors, they affect how nerve damages can occur and result into, but there are three major causes of nerve damage such as pressure, stretching, and severing, all of these can happen on most form of car accident and can result to bad outcome but take into consideration that even if these three aren't present when experienced one, you may still get nerve damage and there is no guarantee that it can be  severe nor light. 

These are types of nerve damages experienced by victims and people involved in a car crash from retrospect:  

  • Whiplash
    Whiplash is a common injury sustained from both low speed and high speed car accidents that affects more than 2 million road users across U.S. yearly. Whiplash is a result from damage sustained by major soft tissues and ligamets around your neck and it can affect nerves around it if they are stretched or compressed from the front and back whipping motion. 

  • Neuropathy
    This occurs on peripheral nervous system where nerves around that specific part became damaged or inflamed due to overstretching or sustained too much focused force somewhere on that part which leads to neuropathy or the delay and disturbance of nerve signals. Numbness, pain, and delayed reaction are some symptoms of neuropathy and its severity ranges from mild to serious one where a person is required to stay in hospital for a month for recuperation. 

  • Pinched or Compressed Nerve
    This occurs when a nerve is literally pinched inside the body and make the signal on the body delayed similar to neuropathy. It can cause the victim to feel discomfort, tenderness on affected part, and numbness at times. Though, it can heal over time without any medical institution's help, just by stretching and other body movement treatments as it is less serious form of nerve damage among the other enlisted here. 
  • Radiculopathy
    Radiculopathy is a sever form of nerve and back injury that commonly occurs in spine, this occurs when nerve in the spine becomes compressed or crooked and results in pain, numbness, tenderness, and tingling feeling. 

General Symptoms of Nerve Damage

Unline, broken bone and bleeding injuries where you can tell where is the apparent damage is to make a proper medical response, nerve damage are different as symptoms only manifest few days or even week after the accident and victims who are clueless about it manifestation of its symptoms may leave the nerve injury unchecked and can transpire into a more complex health condition. Some symptoms are: 

  • Chest pain and chronic muscle pain on affected parts 

  • Constipation and Nausea

  • Dizziness and confusion

  • Problems with sweating

  • Numbness and Tingling feeling 

  • Dry eyes

Serious symptoms include: 

  • Paralysis

  • Sexual dysfunction

  • Motor abilities issues

Call your Lawyer 

If ever one of your family members or closests friend has been involved in an accident who have sustained either minor or significant injuries and even a possible disability because of the driver that has shown apparent negligence and recklessness and caused an accident, you can always refer help from a professional experienced injury lawyer to smoothen things out as your hired lawyers can help you decide from their factual and legal advices. 

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