Occupational Cancer

Occupational Cancer

Occupational Cancer

In law of medicine, a single disease isn't only restrained to one surgery or treatment but has many ways to deal with, it is true to its causes as well, cancer is one of those diseases. Cancer occurs when cells in the body grow uncontrollably abnormal manner, these rapid growth in cells are caused by multiple factors and develop various cases of cancers which has also different treatment as well as the name of the cancer itself. One cause to develop cancer is from occupational exposure of triggers which it commonly affect respiratory organs, liver, and the skin and its development hasten when talked about one's personal habbit such as drinking alcoholic drinks and smoking as well as personal aspects such as sex, age, and consumance and exposure to carcinogens from the environment as factors to determine one's likelihood to develop one. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are approximately more than 200,000 people who have developed some form of work space related cancer have died each year due to such reason. It is said that the majority of this is caused by more complex and multiple addition of chemicals involved in the work process such as generally called carcinogens with lesser assistance to the employees on occupational health standards. Not only in chemically-focused occupations but as well as to natural jobs that involves carcinogens and irritants such as chrysotile, asbestos, pesticides, and etc. 

In Retrospect

Here's a more detailed information which includes estimated number about occurrences related to occupational cancer: 

  • This past decade, the use of higher content of carcinogenic substances as material for production has sky-rocketed and presents higher rate of occurrence of occupational cancer. 

  • More than 125 million employees are exposed and at risk due to presence of asbestos and less than 90,000 people die yearly from asbestos caused disease.

  • Asbestos, benzene, and second hand smoke are most cmmon carcinogens that employees in a workplace are exposed to daily and it tend to result in lung cancer, bladder cancer, leukemia.

  • 1 out of 10 lung cancer deaths are induced by respiratory risk inside a work place. 

  • Employees who work in a workplace that allows tobacco smoke are likely to develop some form of cancer rather than those who work in a smoke free work place. 

Causes of Occupational Cancer 

Physical carcinogens - these refer to ultraviolet lights (UV lights) and other radioactive matter that is causes cells to grow abnormally with physical contact. Most of these are known to cause skin cancer.  

Biological carcinogens - these refer to micro-organisms such as viruses that can induce cancer by damaging the cells to make them swole or by either decreasing the body's control over abnormal cells which is the most common, some of these virus are HIV and Hepatitis B that is acquired at hospitals occupation-wise. 

Chemical carcinogens - most chemicals and substances used in the industry of producing are considered carcinogenic. Some of them are just naturally made as a carcinogen such as asbestos.

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