Occupational Diseases and Workers’ Comp

Occupational Diseases and Workers' Comp

Occupational Diseases and Workers' Comp

In most states, the term occupational disesase is a term refered to disease or health-conditions, may it be chronic or short-term, that is factor caused by a course, process or substance within your job or its environment of the workplace. Various occupational diseases affect various parts of the body, inside or outside. That is why some of the specific work places requires their workers to wear personal protecttive equipment or PPEs to secure their health or atleast reduce the risk at an extent. Some of the diseases that may be accumulate from workplace are: 

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome - a disease accumulated from consistent typing, typically occur in jobs in office

  • Contact dermatitis - might be obtained from dirty or allergy-causing environment

  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - job environment with micromolecules and other small dusts that might be inhaled even with moderate protective equipments, some examples are: bronchitis, asthma, and asbestosis
  • Hearing loss - work environment that requires close contact with equipments might cause hearing loss such as construction worker, explosives industry and many more

  • Cancer - radioactive sites and work place that handle and manufacture other things or even utilize radiation as service can cause cancer and its derivatives 

Why do a person get Occupational Disease?

There are many factors that could render a person to accumulate an occupational disease, it might be from long term that are developed naturally in the workplace such as cancer and respiratory disease or in an instant such as fall, cuts and even amputation. Occupational diseases are caused by a variety of factors in the workplace, tangible or not, such as:

  • Inhalation or even exposure to gas and other toxic or radioactive substances in a work place

  • Odorless or strong scented materials such as paint and solvent vapor inhalation or exposure

  • Extreme temperatures (high or low)

  • Pressure, vibration and other form of energy that puts the body in constant compression or movement

  • Constant exposure with high voltage electricity 

  • Exposure to biohazards such as infectious bacteria, virus, and other form of living things that can cause diseases

Though, there are lots to remember when dealing with jobs that has these factors, but most companies also do acknowledge these threats to their employees' healths and lives and make their workers to wear personal protective equipment (PPEs) and implemeneting health protocol and countermeasurement against these said risks.

How do a victim employee prove that he/she has occupational disease?

Before filing a claim for a workers' compensation, know that you need a medical professional such as physician to examine and give you a proper diagnosis on your current health condition, let it be confirmed that it is caused by the nature of work and being consistently exposed by it, and symptoms has to be known consistent to receive the benefits of your claim. 

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