Ohio-based Lawyer Suspended for Mishandling Six Clients’ Cases

Ohio-based Lawyer Suspended for Mishandling Six Clients' Cases

Ohio-based Lawyer Suspended for Mishandling Six Clients' Cases On November 17, the Ohio Supreme Court has decided to suspend a Cleveland based attorney namely Harvey Bruner in service for 2 years as per to majority of votes of 5-2 in respond to his inappropriate actions including ethical violations, specifically, billing a client's mother twice for round trip expenditures to Youngstown to "visit" his client in prison when the said man was in the local county jail.  Aside from suspension, the Supreme Court has ordered him to pay a total of $2750 as restitution to two clients. In the event, the Court overruled Bruner's objections and arguements as he had plead for the Court to adopt a two-year suspension with one year stayed as recommended by him and the Ohio State Bar Association (OSBA) or either remand the matter to the Board of Professional Conduct for a new hearing.  From the Court view, they stated that Bruner has done serious violations that led the board to decide the justified canceling his objections regarding the suspension and has been given enough time to explain what he had done in a posthearing duration, thus the board characterized Bruner's series of action as "rather cavalier attitude toward the truth".  The case against Bruner was backed by many of notable person in the Supreme Court along with the judge Christine E. Mayle, has supported the decision even though she hasn't participated in the case.  Common Problems of a Problematic Attorney  Though, most attorneys are trust-worthy and has nothing to worry about hiring one, oftentimes there are attorneys has these specific problems such as:
  • When you case is not the specialized field of the said lawyer
  • Error in implementing strategies or your judgement is off in the attorney's strategy
  • Procrastination and Bad Organization
  • Doesn't ask for your consent when checking in to something personal
  • Fraudulent Intent
What should a Lawyer ought to do for his/her Client?  As his/her client, there are rights reserved for you to exercise, if he/she fails to do these things, you can consider it to change your lawyer or as a red flag:
  • Provides sound legal advice regarding to your current legal standing 
  • Updates you about the general progress of your case
  • Suggests strategies and what will work and what won't
  • Gives an idea about how much the case would worth 
  • Help you in any cost-benefit evaluation that you may need
  • Constant communication
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