One Fatal Casualty on a crash in Morning Car Crash

One Fatal Casualty on a crash in Morning Car Crash

One Fatal Casualty on a crash in Morning Car Crash

 In Interstate 90 eastbound Bratenahl, Ohio, a fatal car crash happened as the dead victim has been driving on the wrong lane that resulted in a death of a 37-year-old woman on monday. The outcome was not surprising as four vehicles were involved in the said crash that happened specifically in the Eddy Road exit accord to police's investigations and found the woman dead on the spot as both Bratenahl and Cleveland police officers and Cleveland firefighters and EMS responded on the course of the whole accident.

There were as well three adults and one child as another victim of the crash and were immediately taken to University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center for unverified injuries, according to police. The responded authorities closed the road extended up to Martin Luther King Jr. for the clear up and as well as the avoidance of collateral damage for the possible entry of external vehicles. While the road is opened and resume its operation and function, the investigation of the said car crash furthers in search of damage. (via

Daylight Accidents in Retrospect 

From human error to bad road condition, many factors contributes for daylight road accidents to happen and render a certain driver to commit a mistake if not deliberately disobeyed traffic laws. Here are some numbers regarding daylight accidents gathered by different studies across U.S.: 

  • Deadly accidents spike 6% in week after time change.

  •  A study of 732,000 accidents over two decades has found that the annual switch to daylight saving time is associated with a 6% increase in fatal car crashes that week.

  • According to National Security Council (NSC), other than weekends' nighttime, noon time on middays of weekdays seconds them in terms of numbers of accident happen in respect to time and day, specifically, on Thursdays and Friday day time. 

  • According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the safest day to drive is around Tuesday. 

Causes of Day Accidents

From the headline, the apparent cause was the indiscipline of the woman victim drove her to her own demise as she drove off to the wrong way of the road and caused the accidents. Here below are some other causes of day accidents, excluding factors that are only realistically applicable and deem as night time driving factor. 

  1. Follow Traffic Rules 

    Just as mentioned, disobedience to traffic law and norms has high possibility to end in an accident. Its other form aside from the headline are tailgating that may reduce the following driver's reaction time and may bump his rear and cause neck injuries or whiplash, chasing red lights may result in a T-bone style accident because of a driver who want to cross out to other side of the intersection and approach the other running cars in his way instead of chasing late time schedule, the disbedient driver end up being in an hospital, and/or a driver who randomly turns without making light signal may cause a bad accident especially in high speed roads or highways. 

  2. Drowsiness or Drowsy Driving 

    Sleep-deprived driving is one of the major causes of most fatal accidents that you might heard on news. Drowsiness renders a driver's senses impaired similar to effect of alcohol, it also delays your reaction time when needed, and inflict a change in one's coordination that may cause an unreasonable speeding, with that all add up for a one person driving a vehicle, it may highly end up in a fatal accident. 

    In some states, they have regulations and laws about drowsy driving where it has saved almost 15,000 lives a year and it is their best move. Even if they don't, as an additional measure for one's defensive driving, aside from check your car for its road-worthiness, checking one's self as well if you can manage to drive can as well mitigate your chances of being involved or causing the accident. 

  3. Bad Road Conditions 

    Road condition in a road is considered bad when; road is extremely affected by weather such as slippery and snowy weather due to snow and has created invisible potholes that may ruin driver's control over the vehicle, unfinished road refining that may give a driver a painful experience and may lose control over the wheel, or even rainy weather that renders the road slippery that can possibly end up similar to the previously mentioned above. 

  4. Mechanical Errors 

    Mechanical Errors are not actually unexpected but they are not expected too. Some examples of mechanical errors of a vehicles are: tire blowouts, brake issues, and clutch issues, they are massive and most common issues encountered by daily drivers that causes fatal accidents. 

    Avoidance of mechanical errors is easy, checking the road worthiness of a vehicles daily is enough to save yourself from bad endings and it does only take few minutes off of your time of the day. 

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