Overspeeding Dangers

Overspeeding Dangers

Overspeeding Dangers 

In U.S., every year there are 5.25 million road accidents happen every year that is equivalent to a single crash every 1 minute. Concerning enough that it is the current state of our road safety. Road crashes has a lot of contributors for it to take place such as road condition, weather condition, external forces such as other cars, mechanical error and human error. Human error is a huge contributor as the accident depends on how the person behind the vehicle deals with problems that he'd encounter along the road and what is he thinking, speeding or overspeeding is one form of human error where a driver deliberately tries to accelerrate more than the limit given in a specific side of the road that is required because of the nature or occupancy of that road or he/she tries to beat the red light as the driver is in hurry. Since in a crash, speed generally accounts for how much the damage will be done to the driver himself, to other driver and to properties around. 

Why is speeding dangerous?

In generally, speeding does also refer to the unnecessary acceleration along dangerous road conditions such as slippery road due to rain or winter season, it is even considered as driving fast along preoccupied spaces of road that has a lot of activities going on such as construction zones. Here are other reasons why speeding is dangerous and its consequences:

  • High chances of losing control over the vehicle when needed to react unto something such as risk or emergency

  • Increased chances of occurrence of rollover accidents and T-bone style accidents 

  • Severe damage of property and to drivers involved in the event of an accident 

  • Difficulty in reacting 

Overspeeding Statistics 

Here are some statistics from the National Security Council (NSC) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regarding the dangers of speeding, its tendencies and related incidents in a retrospect:

 Most fatal crashes that occurred in 2019, speeding was factors for:

  • 16% of drivers on dry roads

  • 19% on wet roads but 41% on mud, dirt and/or gravel

  • 39% on roads with snow or slush but 43% on slippery roads due to ice/frost

  • 40% on roads with moving or standing water

  • In the same year, 9,478 people were killed due to overspeeding.


  • In the same study and observation done by these associations, younger drivers around 16-20 and 21-24 age range has higher tendency to be involved in fatal crashes due to speeding compared to older driver. And most of these drivers are male as female has lesser tendencies to do speeding even other age ranges. 

  • In 2019, at least 30% of male drivers in these age groups involved in fatal crashes were speeding at the time of the crashes, compared to 17% of female drivers age 16 to 20 and 18% age 21 to 24. 

Common reasons why people do speeding is maybe because of: they maybe running late for work, traffic causes them to lose patient and may do aggressive driving and speeding at the same time, and also it may be caused by they are followed by the authority as they have committed a violation and wanted to escape their liability. 

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