Patient Abandonment Cases and How can the patient benefit from it?

Patient Abandonment Cases and How can the patient benefit from it?

What is Patient abandonment and what are its basis to consider an act as one?

Patient abandonment is an uncommon yet presently a problem in States. Most cases of patient abandonment hasn't been or couldn't reach the limelight and be highlighted as a sever offense to a human being as it is one of the most neglected manifestation of medical malpractice. At first glimpse, patient abandonment was putted simply as maltreatment to patient which was believed to be settled in giving off bad reviews but many didn't know, cases of Patient Abandonment has escalated multiple times and led to worse scenarios.

Medical malpractice is often the result of a doctor's misdiagnosis or failure to perform an accurate diagnosis. Sometimes, surgery may be performed on incorrect part of body and sometimes doctors fail to act according to results when they are needed most. Medical Malpractice can have far-reaching effects that could cause prolonged endurance of pain and even prolonged expenditure for the medication and other fees while one is confined in an hospital for those affected by it. 

Where we can draw the line to accuse a medical provider for Patient Abandonment?

There are general affirmation in certifying a set of acts as an act of Patient Abandonment, though specifically, some varied state to state, here are some of them:

  1. Doctor-Patient relationship is observable and established
  2. Medical practicioner abandoned the patient while i need of medical attention
  3. The medical practicioner abandoned the patient unanticipatedly and unable to seek replacement care
  4. Patient suffers as a direct result of negligence and abandonment
When can we say that an "abandonment" is not a critical offfense and a medical malpractice? The act of abandoning patients is not always as simple a thing as it sounds. It's important to remember that there are many factors in play, and the abandonment may be justified by certain circumstances which can affect you personally or professionally and is feasible to be used as defense for the medical provider. The following list outlines some of these justifications:
  • The medical status of the patient is out of scope of ability and specialty of the medical provider
  • Shortage of medical sources to provide patient's needs in the course
  • In some cases, patient has violated of medical practicioner's policies and even disagree to medical practicioner's counsels and;
  • the patient displays improper behaviors such as sexual harassment and verbal violence
How can Patient Abandonment benefits the patient as a victim?  If a medical provider is proven and evidently neglecting the patient and has caused the injury with doctor-patient is present clearly as what stated from previous statements, then he/she is proven at fault and victim will acquire rights to file a medical malpractice claim against the said medical provider's insurance company for reimbursement of the patient's transfer to other medical provider as well as the continuing medical bills etc. And it would be difficult for the party's victim to maneuver in such situation wither pressure and stress present, so hiring someone to help you clear civil processes for you at your convenience for you to focus on recuperation would be beneficial. A Personal Injury Law Firm is a general term for a specific type of law firm that represents individuals that are victims of work injury, car accident victims, and medical malpractice victims, they are literally free to hire as payment comes after the compensation pay that will be granted to their client. Ryan, LLP is a longly- established law firm with the dedication to help its clients. They are one of few firms that take on cases against large insurance corporations and government agencies in order for individuals or smaller businesses not to be victimized by those entities' practices. Ryan's attorneys have built their reputation representing people who were injured due medical malpractice, personal injury claims from car accidents involving negligent drivers as well as wrongful death suits, all these types of skilled litigation requires years worth expertise knowledge drawn upon from different areas. Call them now for free legal advices and consulation.

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