Pedestrian Road Accidents

Pedestrian Road Accidents

Pedestrian Road Accidents 

On occassions, walking is preferably an option for transportation. Benefits of walking are highly enjoyable as it offers proper exercise for health, convenience, and costless travel in short distance accompanied by a good weather. Schools, hospitals and other common public facilities hold and provide pedestrian crossings for young and old road users to cross easily even if with handicap such as students and seniors, alongside with this benefits are the entailed risks -- collision with a vehicle. 

Here is a quick history of pedestrian-involve traffic accidents in USA. According to the most recent Ohio Traffic Crash Facts Book and NHTSA in 2019:

  • 145 pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents on Ohio's roads during last year, these unfortunate events accounted for 12.3% of all fatalities and only one-half of 1% out of total crashes that occurred in 2017.
  • A pedestrian is killed every 85 minutes in 2019
  • Occurrences of pedestrian accidents are mostly in Urban areas with a percentage of 81.71% while rural areas only shares 17.58% and the rest of the percentage is unknown.
  • Non-intersections are more fatal as NHTSA data observed that 73.17% of pedestrian accidents occurred in such, while intersection roads has only 26.33% cases.
  • Just like most road accidents, pedestrian-involved accidents happen at night where roads are in dark condition followed by daylight and dusk/dawn. 
  • Weekends has recorded the highest fatalities as the days with pedestrian accidents occurred, specifically Fridays and Saturdays

Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Just like any other road accidents, there are alike reasons similiar to why pedestrian accidents occur in Ohio, here are some of them:

  • Driver's condition - Bad driver's condition such as distracted, under the influence of drug/alcohol, and sleep-deprivation has a long history of bad consequences involving one of these conditions.
  • Overspeeding and inappropirate road usage - Failure to yield and overspeeding are the leading causes of fatalities involving pedestrians. 
  • Weather condition and road condition - This play a big factor in determining a vehicle accidents globally, as from stated above, weather conditions contributes to adding cases of accidents daily. 
  • Disregarded children - Oftentimes, it is not the driver's fault as childern overextend sometimes their curiousity that they may end up being in behind someone's moving car. 

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