Personal Protective Gears

Personal Protective Gears

Personal Protective Gears

Majority of the issue and risk faces by the skilled laborers in construction related industry is their safety which connects to the lacking of provision of personal protective equipment (PPE) by the employer or company where they work at or they themselves doesn't have the idea the need of personal protective equipment's presence when they work. As its main purpose is to reduce the risk of employees' exposure to hazard and chances of getting into one when into highly risky work and when some heavy machines can't manage to accomplish a task so the need of employees to do it hand to hand in which most are dangerous for a man to perform. 

Personal protective equipment or PPEs are specific type of equipment that are worn by workers to minimize exposure to hazard that pose risks and chances of sustaining workplace injuries and health conditions wherein these diseases and injuries are from work places' chemical, physical, electrical, mechanical, radiological hazards that one may come in contact with.  

Common Protective Gears 

1. Head Protection

Among all work place, hard hats are common form of head protection especially in construction sites. They are used by mostly everyone inside the construction site against falling or in motion heavy or light objects or otherwise, it could deal a deliberate blow on their head that could at least lead to sustenance of traumatic brain injury or in worst case, death. 

2. Hand & Skin protection

Since most labor in detailing house or building inside a construction requires hands, there were a reported 150,000 hand injuries sustained by the said specific workers in the field. Skin disease that most of these workers are at risks such as dermatitis, skin cancer, and rashes. Aside from being contact rigorously with hard surfaces, handling metal and heavy equipments that they use for more than hours could cause injury which is why they need gloves when working.  

3. Eye and Face Protection

Eye and face protection are as important as other protection such as safety googles, spectacles, and face shields can fend off dusts, sharp particles, and other small things that could get inside your face or eyes and cause severe irritation or even bleeding from air- operated machines, wood and hot work, and other construction work that could potentially hard your face.  

4. Respiratory protection

On some construction sites, usage of substance and chemicals that emit toxic vapor are present, it does seem that the strong smell of it doesn't hurt one, but on long term exposure, it could result in development of some form of respiratory disease. Respiratory protection like respirator or masks could not only protect you from those toxic vapor but as well as from dusts, fumes, strong smell from solvent and spray paints that could cause some issues on one's breathing or even developing some form of cancer. 

Call your Attorney

If ever you or one of your family members has been involved or has experienced a construction or work place accident as a victim that has render to sustain significant injuries caused by apparent lack of personal protection equipments, you can always refer help from a professional experienced injury lawyer to smoothen things out as your hired lawyers can help you decide from their factual and legal advices. 

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