Pharmacy Errors & Malpractice in Cleveland

Pharmacy Errors & Malpractice in Cleveland

Pharmacy MalpracticeConsequences of Medication Errors

In any hospital, adverse drug events because of medication errors can cause:
  • side effects;
  • drug interactions; and
  • overdoses.
Patients who suffer an adverse drug event as a result of a medication error in a hospital – whether related to pharmacy malpractice or not – are hospitalized for up to 12 days longer, compared to patients who suffer no drug interactions, according to a report from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. That increases the cost of hospitalization. In the most severe cases, some patients may die because of a medication error whether related to incorrect prescription or errors at the pharmacy.

Types of Pharmacist Malpractice

There are two major types of pharmacist errors that occur: mechanical errors and judgment errors.  Mechanical errors occur when there is a mistake in prescription processing and preparation:
  • dispensing the wrong medication;
  • dispensing the wrong dosage of medication;
  • failure to provide directions;
  • providing the wrong directions;
  • dispensing the wrong quantity; and
  • dispensing the wrong dosage form (orally, intravenously or by other means).
Judgment errors occur when there is failure to use discretion in counseling:
  • lack of counseling;
  • incorrect counseling;
  • failure to monitor and identify drug interactions; and
  • failure to conduct proper drug use review.

 Causes of Pharmacist Malpractice

There are a number of factors that could increase a person's risk of making a mistake or an error during prescription processing. These factors include:
  • stress;
  • high workload;
  • telephone calls;
  • lack of support or oversight;
  • similar drug names;
  • high volume of prescriptions (as in a busy hospital setting);
  • lack of time for counseling;
  • illegible prescriptions; and
  • fatigue.

Compensation for Pharmacist Malpractice

Any pharmacist malpractice claim in Cleveland can hold the pharmacist who filled out the prescription, the pharmacy where the error occurred, and/or the hospital or clinic where the pharmacy is located, liable for damages. Persons, who have suffered an injury as a result of pharmacy errors, can recover compensation for:
  • medical expenses;
  • emotional pain and suffering; and
  • loss of earnings.
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