Post-Accident Pain and Symptoms

Post-Accident Pain and Symptoms

Post-Accident Pain and Symptoms

In an accident, sustenance of injuries is normal at times depending on the severity and what type of accident that people involved have experienced. It may be caused by direct hit to debris, blunt materials inside the car, or from the car itself and may result in bad roadrash, bruises, or even broken bones. People who have experienced traffic crashes are mostly thankful that they have fortunate accident outcome compared to those who are in headlines and left the crash scene with lesser physical damage sustained and no deaths were recorded. But oftentimes, few days or weeks, there are sprouting symptoms such as pain and tenderness in some parts that victims didn't thought it was caused by an accident.

These are called delayed pain and symptoms of bigger health condition caused by the recent accident that victims were in. One common reason for these delayed pain and symptoms is because our body releases huge amount of adrenaline and endorphins during stressful and traumatic event such as an traffic collision wherein our body convinces us not to feel pain directly during an accident and other reason is that there are events in the crash where it has damaged rigid parts and only took effect and affect us only in the later stage of the damage. 

Back Pain

Back pain that resonates up to lower body is a serious determinant if whether you have a sustained serious injury when it only have developed following an accident. It is a bad sign for ligament, muscle, or skeletal damage or even a nerve damage that are known for having high tendencies to develop in to bad health conditions in its peak that could significantly decreases one's mobility and flexibility than can affect ability to earn living


Headaches, in extreme cases, are symptoms of a concussion or some form of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) if they are accompanied by other symptoms such as dizziness, nausea and vomitting following an accident, sleeping problems and cognitive issues. At first, it has no physical manifestation and obvious symptoms making it hard to detect when at home and is recommended to see a doctor right after the car accident and continued visitation for monitoring. 

Neck and Shoulder Tenderness 

Similar to back pain, car accidents could damage neck and shoulder parts. It could cause the nerves, muscles, and bones around that specific part to be struck and create lesions or stucked blood flow or bad muscle orientation which are signs for a whiplash or a rotator cuff injury. When not given proper medical attention, it could develop in chronic pain or a disability that can affect one's ability to earn a living.  

Numbness or Itching Pain 

Any parts of the body with numbness or itching pain, especially following an accident, means that there is something wrong with victim's body and should be checked immediately in general. It could be a sign of blood clot, internal bleeding, damage in spinal cord or brain injury and pinpointing which is which is hard for unpracticed people so patient should immediately see a doctor even before and during experiencing such. 

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