Potholes on Road

Potholes on Road

What are Potholes?

The pothole is an either man-made or naturally hazard that occurs when water and traffic damage the surface of the asphalt. This can be caused by rain, floods, or careless drivers who crack their tires against it. It also happens more often in areas with freezing cold winters because snowplows press into cracks to make room for large vehicles like buses and semis so they don't get stuck on ice patches.

A pothole is an unfortunate occurrence where nature has been unkind enough to cause holes in our roads before people do from driving too quickly over them. These depressions are typically found due to pavement erosion which makes these hazards especially hard to fix once created as we cannot pour new layers of material without causing additional problems elsewhere on the road.

What makes potholes dangerous?

Who would have thought that a simple hole in the pavement could pose such a danger. The problem is not just what they do to your car's tires and undercarriage, but also for cyclists who are at greater risk of serious injury from hitting one than drivers as well. Potholes can drastically affect both motorist and cyclist safety on our highways by posing major risks due to their unpredictability when driving or cycling over them; furthermore, potholes present an even more dangerous situation with any rain because water seeps into cracks where it freezes during cold weather causing chunks of ice which then causes further damage after thawing begins again-all this without taking into account how unsafe these holes provide hazardous conditions while walking near them.

Driving in the winter is treacherous enough, but when snowplows and buses get involved it can make things worse. Sometimes they block your way or other drivers are distracted by them too much to see you coming. And then there's ice on top of wet roads making a big mess for everyone - especially if potholes keep popping up everywhere. Last year Chicago had 108,000 occasions where dangerous holes needed filling with asphalt to avoid any more accidents.

  • There is an estimated 33,000 traffic fatalities each year and in that number, one-third involves poor road conditions.
  • 27% of major roads are in poor condition that gives off hard time to two-wheeled vehicles as they tend to be outbalanced when hitting potholes.
  • Cyclists as well are highly susceptible to such dangers.

Who are to blame in occurrence of accidents by potholes?

In the event of a tire blow-out accident or skidding to another car caused by several potholes along highways, determining liability can be complex and requires attention from an experienced personal injury attorney. Negligence may apply to three independent parties involved in such accidents: The driver (for driving too fast for conditions), the maker/installer of your wheel or tires, and whoever is responsible for maintaining safe roadways with minimal potholes on them. 

  • Driver's Liability - When sustained injury or has damaged property caused by a driver who lost control in the vehicle due to pothole, you can trail your compensation pay from the driver who caused the scene and his insurer from medical bills to car repairs as well as anguish and pain experienced in the accident.
  • Municipality Liability - They have three primary responsibilities when it comes to maintaining public infrastructure like streetways: firstly repairing them; secondly ensuring they're safe for use; third being financially liable if somebody gets injured due to municipal neglect (e., not cleaning up potholes). As such you might want contact one injury lawyer when sustained injury in the event for help right away and should your car repairs covered as they are going to make sure that officials in the municipalities are going to grant the victim compensation pay. 

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