Prevention of Struck-By Injuries in Construction Work Places

Prevention of Struck-By Injuries in Construction Work Places

Prevention of Struck-By Injuries by Crane in Construction Work Places

In a construction site, one thing that is constantly present is the equipment called crane or similar to that. A crane is a type of heavy machinery, usually distinguishable by having a hoist, wire, or chains as a rope or as a connecting tool between the hook. It is usually used to lift or lower materials as well as move them horizontally, especially heavy objects needing of transport from a place to another but not everything a crane can handle, usually enlongated and open ended heavy objects. 

Surprisingly, a crane is not only seen in construction sites but also in construction sites but also in other large and busy industries such as industrial sites, manufacturing sites, and logistics as in those workplaces, heavy loads, materials, goods, and even other machines itself are present too. But in this blog, we are going to focus on the posing threat of crane inside a busy construction site and prevention of related unfortunate events such as sustaining struck-by injuries. 


According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2019, almost 33% of nonfatal injuries were caused by a heavy contact with an object or equipment that resulted in absence from work in construction, these specific number were caused by a certain event called struck-by incidents as it is described as various events of objects falling vertically or horizontally. 

Again, in these numbers, one of the main contributors of struck-by injuries sustained by workers was cranes and cranes are common component of construction operations in the country which even it poses risk, it it essential in accomplishing few unique tasks. Over 50% of fatalities recorded in construction site involved cranes that resulted in being struck by an object or equipment. In addition, in the same year, 43% of fatalities involving cranes occurred in private construction industry significantly compared to civil construction, manufacturing and other industries combined. 

What should employers and workers know to improve crane situation? 

Different hazards pose by different types of cranes

Since cranes come in different variety of forms, functions, and configurations (mobile cranes, tower cranes, bridge cranes, etc.), they have different risks possess. As an example, the highest likelihood of accidents are caused by crane overturn for mobile cranes, crane collapse for tower cranes, and worker struck by bridge cranes. 

Precautions when operating near power lines

In the same study of crane accidents from year 1992 to 2006, 32% of deaths were caused by overlapping power line electrocution. Precautions should be observed and taken when operating near it. Employees should implement interventions according to one of three options recommended by the OSHA standards if they get in line within 20 feet in maximum radius of a power line. 

And strictly, all workers hired and involved in the job shoudl be trained on electrocution hazards and how to handle situations properly when an accident occur such as proper response and report.

Safety devices for crane operations

In accordance to OSHA standards, here are some recommended safety devices that should be wore when operating crane related works:

  • Crane level indicator

  • Boom and Jib Stops

  • Locks for foot pedal brakes

  • Integral holding device/check valve

  • Rail clamps and rail stops

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