Proofs to be Used in an Auto Accident Claim

Proofs to be Used in an Auto Accident Claim

Proofs to be Used in an Auto Accident Claim

Car accidents are called accidents because they are unexpected mostly, they say. Damages in any form are deemed all huge because of one's right to legally sue someone who's at fault. But with either trivial or huge reasons it may be that caused an accident, we can't really deny its need of preparation for a documentation or recording of what happened for transparency and its for determining who's at wrong and who's gonna take the liability. According to law, a solid proof of accident to showcase who's at fault is a must or the claim will be futile and police will manually collect evidences on their own and concoct their own findings even if its against your ends and in addition, the other driver's insurance company will as well use your discrepancies of evidences against you. But one's intention for filing a claim and desperation for gathering evidences is mainly to recover their compensation pay to cover their extended and unexpected bills. For starters, here are some proofs to put in mind when if ever you are involved in an auto accident as your first line of legal defense:

  1. Eyewitnesses - Eyewitnesses can be either bystanders on the scene, passengers or occupants in both cars involved in the accident or even traffic police patroling near you who happened to witness the whole crash and are one of the most important form of proof, living or walking evidence they say. They are essential in strengthening your claims and statements as their story as well will corroborate with your version or either of the two drivers involved and will strongly suggest who's at fault in the process. Witnesses may as well stand in your position as an able person if the victim is not in great shape to release statements.  

  2. Police Reports - If a victim has not sustained significant injuries, he is able to and must call police authority to lend them a hand in rescuing victims by blocking roads and traffic to prevent further damage to properties as well as file a police report with detailed information about the crash based on your statements and situation. Under the police report, it contains situation of both drivers before the crash if either of them has been driving under the influence of alcohol or the manner of a crash happened. 

  3. Phone Recordings - Phone recording may refer to phone videos or phone text or conversation history. This can be used against the other driver to determine whether he is using phone or not (distracted driving) which may be used against him and to his insurance company to strengthen your claim. 

  4. CCTVs or Surveillance Cameras - Though witnesses and police reports can offer narratives and statements based on the recent accident, CCTVs can provide the exact happening in the event of accident with a footage. Footage from CCTV, surveillance cameras and dashcams are blurry enough to render faces unrevealed but clear enough to identify the movements of both cars and the manner of how cars crashed to each other. According to lawyers, your claims usually requires a video to be validated and be include as a fact. And from recent studies, dashcams proved that they can reduce accidents to happen. 

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