Pursuing you injury claim against drugged driver

Pursuing you injury claim against drugged driver

Pursuing you injury claim against drugged driver

There are 14 states in the U.S. where the recreational use of marijuana is legal, though other drugs other than that are such as metamphetamine and alike are banned yet the presence of drugged drivers that caused the high numbers of car accidents involving them is running loose and has continued to rise year after year. The government do legalize this form of drugs as a medicine or for recreational use, it is still strongly discourage to drive and travel on roads while under the influence of drugs. 

According to NHTSA, every day in the United States there are about 28 people from drunk driving alone, let alone from drugged driving as 12.6 million drivers were tested positive for driving while under the influence of mainstream drugs such as marijuana in 2018-2019 combined reports. Based in the data, that is deemed as a person dies every 52 minutes because of drugged or drunk driving. Deaths involving vision and mind altering substances are easy to prevent but it lacks implementation. Here are some more drugs-related statistics for awareness:

  • There is no certain number how many car crashes are caused by drugs but estimates by study centers show that 44% of all fatalities among drivers in a crash has been confirmed positive with drugs. 

  • 12.6 million drivers aged 16 and above drove along roads of U.S. while under the influence of common drugs such as marijuana are recorded in 2018.

  • Some notable drugs that are invovled in most car crashes and has major effects on performance on driving are marijuana, opioids, and alcohol. 

How to ascertain someone that he used drugs beforehand?

In most states, police would kindly ask you to present sample of breath, blood, or urine for testing to determine whether you have took a dosage of drugs or under the influence of a certain substance. For convinience, police were required to be trained for detecting drivers whether they are impaired driving without the need of taking samples for laboratory or any extended measures, if a driver refuses to submit or comply to any of those given option, police can make a report out of one's action which then can be used to support or against your claim. 

Bystanders as witnesses can also support the victim of drugged driver's car crash he made as they observed the risky or aggressive means of driving exhibited on the road and help police to confirm if witness' words and laboratory results agree and meet in the middle. Photographed proofs of alcohol or drug paraphernalias can also help to assert defendant's liability in the accident and damages. 

Penalties of Drugged Driving in Most States

Though every state has different laws and independent governant for implementing their respective law, intoxicated driving and impaired driving in different states has close similarities for drivers who who violated of driving while being intoxicated or drugged by whatsoever substances they took, these are the punishment for each levels:

First Offense 
Jail time up to 30 days, a mandatory $250 to $400 fine and attending programs and seminar such as Intoxicated Driver Resource Center Program and lastly, revocation of license for three months. 

Second Offense 
Increased jail time up from 30 days to 90 days maximum, fines doubled to $500 to $1,000, a requirement to be involved in the same program, revocation of license use, and even a 30 days of community service.

Third Offense 
Maximum of 4 months jail time, a $1,000 fine, as well as imposing the need to go to the same program, disabling and confiscation of license for 10 years and up to 3 months of community service.

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