Reasons why your Injury Claim is delayed

Reasons why your Injury Claim is delayed

Reasons why your Injury Claim is delayed

The legal term used when someone has sustained an injury or damage physically, emotionally, mentally or even property is called personal injury. In most cases, it refers to a type of lawsuit where a person's reason to suit someone is because he/she suffered damages in all aspects caused by the defendant. 

Naturally, these claims and lawsuits undergo its formalities and process and can't be easily resolved under a day. Delays are normal and nothing to be worried about as defendant's insurers create a way to delay and convince the victim to settle at lower value than how much the claim is actually worth. Ofcourse there are other factors that contributes to delay.

In this blog, we are going to discuss what are the main causes of delays in lawsuits. Some known reasons and occurences are:

  1. Duration of recuperation of the victim

    In nature, attorneys wait their clients to complete his/her recovery and be discharged from a medical institution to investigate about the client's medical records, bills and to solicite to one's doctor how sever the damages was inflicted upon his/her body. This process of attorneys could determine how much does the claim cost when instigate the case to defendant's insurers. Delays are expected especially when a victim was recently involved in a severe accident and has multiple surgeries lined up. Family of the victim should be patient as it is the first step to get a good deal for a claim, and it means better and larger financial capacity to cover all bills coming from the accident.  

  2. Prolonged Discussion over Liability

    This is a common scene in the process of litigation. A discussion or even a dispute on whoever is liable for the accident takes long and requires multiple evidences to support both claims coming from opposing sides. It even takes long when the accident happened in a dark area or corners of a town where cameras are non-existent as police find it hard to make a verdict on who was on the wrong. Evidences are in form of surveillance camera footages, texts, and photos. Hiring expert witnesses can be an edge but firsthand witnesses are exceptional at delivering someone to justice because they have saw the whole thing escalated. Often, insurer of the defendant may assert the liability to you and deny theirs, even if you assert, they would ask for more evidences to show to prove that defendant has shown negligent acts and caused your injuries. 

    Though, it takes time and effort to recover and gather evidences, it would be fruitful to do so.

  3. Frequent Postponing Scheduled Meetings and Negotitations 

    Insurance company usually deliberately delay meetings and negotiations as a tactic to make the victim follow them more and feel desperate to settle with a lower compensation pay as victims have piling and upcoming medical bills coming from the recent accident, even given with documented proofs to assert defendant's liability. 

    That is why hiring a professional lawyer to represent your case to avoid being tricked by these insurers' tactics and commit a mistake of settling with a lower offer that falls short to the total cost of the damage being done by the defendant to you.

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