Recent crash on East Side Cleaveland

Recent crash on East Side Cleaveland

Recent crash on East Side Cleaveland

A fatal crash occurred on East Side, Cleaveland that has resulted in death of two individuals and one sustained critical injuries from the course of incident. The accident happened on Saturday around 2:30 a.m. at E. 33 St. and Superior in Asiatown.

The victims' identities released by the police according to their statements were limited but two fatalities were identified to be two men agingaroudn 30s to 40s and the one sustained major injuries was a woman who ages around 20s or 22 to be exact and was transported on road to the nearest University Hospitals who is in critical condition. According to police, the factor of the occurrence of crash was unknown, they were contemplating if alcohol or drugs was involved in the crash, but one thing is assured, investigation is furthered and releasing of findings and victims' identities will be sooner released. 

Traffic crashes with involvment of alcohol and drugs

The phenomenon of car crashes with the involvement or induced by alcohol or drugs is called Driving Under Influence or DUI, it could be either of the two as long as the driver is proven to be driving not sober or upon the discovery that there is a small increase in the blood alcohol content or BAC of the driver above normal levels. The small increase could mean several things such as a significant increase in the tendency of risk of a motor vehicle crash to occur. Unfortunately, alcohol and drugs are involved in more then 30% of all traffic fatalities, disregarding the age group. In the retrospect: 

  • In 2019, there are 28 people die in United States every day caused by drunk driving crashes, specifically, that is one person every almost an hour. 

  • In the same year, the number of reported deaths related to DUI has the lowest ever since 1982 or since when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) started recording alcohol related data at 10,142 deaths that were seemed to be all preventable. 

  • Risks of being involved in a car crash increases per 0.8 alcohol per deciliter increase in BAC, making it illegal in 50 states.  

  • Driving under influence is accountable for more than 1/3 of traffic fatalities. 

  • In 2016, the year has the highest recorded traffic-related crash fatalities of 37,806, which among of those numbers 10,967 of them involves alcohol which makes alcohol involved in almost 30% of those fatalities. 

  • According to statistics, men are likely to be involved in drunk driving accidents compared to women as they were involved in estimatedly 80% of drunk driving fatalities. 

  • While in drug use, it is involved in approximately 16% of all car crash in a year, it is said that it correlates to the legalization of marijuana in multiple states in the U.S. 

  • Since 1985, the recorded volume of drunk driving fatalities has decreased by 44%.  

How to avoid Drunk Driving?

  • Go out with a non-drinking driver to drive you home if you can't manage to do so. 

  • Try to say no when you felt drunk and never feel pressured to do so

  • If you were likely to be drunk, call a car-sharing service to give you a lift to your home like Uber

  • Never drink alcohol if you have passenger or going out alone. 

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