Recommended One’s State to Visit the Emergency Room

Recommended One's State to Visit the Emergency Room

Recommended State of an individual to Visit the Emergency Room Among all departments in an hospital, emergency room is generally flooding almost everyday as according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), almost 136 million individuals visit emergency rooms as patient in U.S. every year, with more than 30% of those are caused by visits are injuries. Though, we shouldn't cross out that emergency room visits are only for people with injury that requires immediate care as emergency rooms cater all forms of general health conditions. Specifically, an emergency department or also known as accident and emergency department, ER, emergency ward, and casualty department, is a medical treatment facility wherein they specializes in emergency medicine, providing extreme care to patients who have visited unexpectedly or showing up without appointment due to the extreme condition that they have in hand. According to most hospitals, they recommend to call 911 when involved in an accident or the one's condition is at its peak and immediately go to ER when felt so. And specifically, if one is systematically sick, a state where an illness affects the whole body and feeling a severe sense of pain or set of symptoms such as bad fever or some parts of you doesn't function properly. In this blog, we are going to talk more about the grounds of when to visit an emergency room on most applicable scenarios. When you should visit an ER? Visiting an ER or emergency room is a big commitment or decision to make when it comes to responsibility of one's well-being, here are some symptoms or sensation to watch out for if you were skeptical about visiting ER: 
  • Shortness of breath and Chest Pain  Difficulty of breathing can also cause chest pain and vice versa, it could be a potential sign of heart attack or any cardiovascular issue or any related issue to diabetes. etc. This includes also wheezing and shallow breathing which could be a result of an infection on an injury or an underlying problem and it remains unknown if you won't visit an ER.
  • Fractures, Open Wounds, and Bleeding Having fractures, open wounds, and bleeding would be an imperative for patient to immedaitely visit an ER, may it be a result from a recent car crash or work place accident, they are expected to be at an ER any time sooner.
  • Fainting, Dizziness, and Weakness Weakness and dizziness are strong indications of an illness that is worthy of reaching out to an ER immediately. These are often symptoms of stroke, tumors, back, and neck damages, and even underlying neurological and cardiovascular disorders.
  • Fever Fever, disregarding if a patient is an infant, child, nor adult, should be sent to an emergency room as it is fatal if developed to accompanied by convulsions.
  • Coughing or Vomitting Blood It is an indication of a serious condition that might range from cancer, respiratory disease primarily on lungs, infection, and etc.
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