Replacing Car Seats Following a Car Crash

Replacing Car Seats Following a Car Crash

Replacing Car Seats Following a Car Crash

A car seat or child safety seat is a seat specifically used and designed for child use and used to protect children from the pose of risk of any incoming car accidents and keeping them away from being involved in fatal accident and mitigate sustenance of injuries. 

As a parent or guardian, child's safety and health is a major priority which is more heightened when parents travel with their child as common knowledge, traveling along road with a vehicle, despite offers high convenience, it entails exposure to few risks that may render people along road to have chances to sustain significant injuries and even death. 

One way for parents to take a countermeasure against the exposure of the said risks is the purchase of car seats of their child when they travel along as defensive driving is enough since accidents are inevitible when they happen. 

A child safety seat, sometimes called a infant safety seat, child restraint system, child seat, baby seat, car seat, or a booster seat, is a seat designed specifically to protect children from injury or death during vehicle collisions and, lastly, it make sense that a car seat is a must-purchase item when one have family as it is a main means for a baby to sit tight in a car.

And if an accident unfortunately happen, even if all occupants in the car is deemed safe including the baby in car seat, the car itself and its function is second to be inspected following occupants as if ever there is a second accident could happen, car's function would do its part well including the car seat. 

When to replace a Car Seat?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), car seats for children should be immediately replaced when involved in a major or moderate car accident which means minor accidents can render car seats usable. But, what are the criteria or signs that you were involved in a minor car crash? Here are some of them:

The NHTSA defines a minor car accident as:

  • Vehicles involved in a minor crash can still manage to drive and function away from the crash site

  • The door nearest the car seat was not damaged

  • Passengers involved in the crash didn't sustained injuries, may it be major or minor injuries

  • Air bags didn't deploy during the crash, if vehicles involved have any

  • No damaged inflicted to the car seat

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