Researching Doctors for Medical Malpractice

Researching Doctors for Medical Malpractice

Uncovering a Doctor’s History of Care

researchdoctorsmedicalmalpracticeState medical boards sometimes provide useful information about a physician. In Ohio, you can find a medical practitioner through the Licensee Profile and Status page on its website. This site does not provide details pertaining to complaints or medical malpractice lawsuits filed against the doctor, though. Ohio law prohibits the state medical board from making this information publicly available. The board only uses these details for investigative reasons and is required to maintain confidentiality. However, sometimes doing a Google search will provide results. Inputting the doctor’s name into the search engine may provide something useful and try including keywords with the doctor’s name such as:
  • “lawsuit;”
  • “malpractice;” and
  • “medical malpractice.”
Although the state medical board of Ohio doesn’t provide medical malpractice information specifically, it does include other relevant info. For instance, credentials, training and public disciplinary actions initiated or taken against him/her. (Note that liability in medical malpractice cases do not mean the doctor will be disciplined, and not all doctors who were disciplined were also the subject of a medical malpractice case.) If the doctor was disciplined, it could raise a red flag. At the same time, it doesn’t necessarily mean it was based on malpractice.   It’s important to read through why the board took action, which could include a range of issues, such as:
  • improperly administering drugs;
  • professional misconduct; and
  • felony conviction.
Another option is to look into sites that provide physician ratings. An example is Healthgrades. But again, this doesn’t always provide a full picture of the doctor’s service.

Types of Healthcare Providers Found on the State Medical Board of Ohio

Patients can look up more than just doctors through the state medical board. Acupuncturists, physician assistants, cosmetic therapists, anesthesiologists, and massage therapists are examples of others. Any healthcare provider listed with the board has been issued a license. Medical professionals are also subject to an investigation if a complaint is filed. And if the board finds that the claim is valid, the healthcare professional could face some type of disciplinary action.  One can never be too careful when it comes to their health, whether they are seeking a physician, massage therapist, or other health-related professional. While most health professionals are qualified and trustworthy, some may provide substandard care so it makes sense to do a little research.

What if a doctor or other healthcare professional causes me harm?

If despite your best efforts to evaluate your doctor you suffer injury because of his or her negligence, you may bring legal action for medical malpractice. Ryan, LLP helps injured patients in Cleveland fight for fair compensation for their damages, so call us now to set up your consultation: 877-864-9495.

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