Risk of Tire Blowouts

Risk of Tire Blowouts

Risk of Tire Blowouts

As a driver started to travel on road, he/she should expect risks from himself, road condition up to himself as owning a car or even travel through roads entail risks. One of these unexpected risk that could lead to a fatal accident is tire blowouts. A blowout (short term for tire blowout) is a sudden and simultaneous loss of air and pressure in car's tire that causes as well an explosion. 

Furthermore, the main cause for the blowout to happen is commonly the sudden stepping or running over a sharp objects along the road that can cut or cause a hole in the tire, in fact, smaller holes tend to cause louder explosions rather than significant and bigger holes. Since then, blowouts has been a consistent problem that has no invented solution up to this date as it still fixed with manual and time-consuming process with a mechanic that is apt for the job. Similar to other road and car errors, tire blowouts happen unexpectedly whenever you are, on trafficky place or even at the middle of county roads. 

What Are the consequences of Tire Blowouts?
Similar to other road and car errors, tire blowouts happen unexpectedly whenever you are, on trafficky place or even at the middle of county roads. Here are some common consequences:

  • A tire blowout causes the vehicle to lose control even if a skilled driver maneuver over it, it won't likely to work. 

  • As a result of losing control over a car, the vehicle would tend to change lane and may come across another passing car.

  • In light cases, a blowout could be inconvenient for the driver who's experiencing it if he had timing it on deserted place and no car shop is around.

  • Unexpected expenditure of buying another tire.

  • In worst cases, a chain reaction of car crash would occur.  

In some cases, it could cause victims of tire blowouts to sustain injuries in the process of losing control over the vehicle becuase of inflated tire, some injuries that individuals may sustain are:

  • Road rashes

  • Bruises

  • Broken Bones

  • Loss of Limbs

  • Spinal Injuries

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries

  • Death

  • Cuts from debris

Causes of Tire Blowouts

Like stated previously, every car and human error has few contributing factors to occur such as:

  • Very used tire and no maintenance at all could cause a sudden explosion without even touching external objects due to friction and its thinness.

  • More to tires, low tire pressure could cause a blow out because even small object that may possibly hit to the tire it would burst our immediately, this is also true to extensive high pressure tires as they are also sensitive to external objects. Before traveling, make sure that your tire is on point at recommended tire pressure. 

  • Road debris and other stray sharp objects lying along the road are the most common cause of tire blowouts as it makes a hole in tire which causes air and pressure to escape and possibly an explosion. 

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