Risks of Pregnant Women Involved in Auto Accidents

Risks of Pregnant Women Involved in Auto Accidents

Risks of Pregnant Women Involved in Auto Accidents

Some car owners bought a car because of expansion of their need for transportation since they are in process of building their family. Though, pregnant woman are supposed to rest and take less errands when pregnant, some of them lives independent which renders them to drive a car for reasons. Given that cars driving tend to lead into an accident for some unknown reasons and is naturally emotionally devastating, how much more if a pregnant woman fell victim and involved in a car accident. Following that car accident, soon-to-be-parents are expected to be worry about their child inside their tummy and how can they examine themselves as well as their baby inside if they have sustained the smallest injury. This pose risk to expectant mothers as some of them are on constant traveling to provide their baby's needs as:

  • There are 200,000 car crashes involving pregnant woman according to University of Michigan each year. It is also the leading cause of fatality and injuries by soon-to-be-mother according to Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) too.

  • Risks of celebral palsy among newborn babies increases with the involvement of their parents in a car accident by 140%. In addition, its scary to think that 3% of all pregnant women are reportedly involved in such accident and this causes an average of 2% involvement and exposure to road crashes.

How dangerous are car accidents to pregnant woman and how are babies affected inside? 
These are some consequences and health conditions that pregnant mother and their babies inside may possibly face upon being involved in a car accident:

  • Miscarriage – If a parent sustained and suffer physical trauma and strong external force hit her body, she may experience miscarriage. 

  • Uterine Rupture – This happens when the wall that is made from thin muscles tear even a little, it causes bleeding, pain in the abdomen and contraction in the belly. This is a serious consequences as it might lead to death of either mother and child or on extreme cases, both of them.

  • Premature Birth – If the accident happened before 37th week, and caused a significant injury that caused the baby to come out prematurely that could cause potential medical problems for the baby and it doesn't usually appear immediately but it slowly develops upon growing. Some problems are in form of blindness, heart problems, neurological and cognitive issues and other problems. 

  • Infection – In an accident, shrapnel and other foreign objects may enter through mother's body through an injury and it might pose a risk as well to the baby. Such objects are contaminated with foreign bodies that can harm the baby and might develop infection inside mother's body. 

  • Fetal Injuries – Babies during accident can sustain traumatic brain injury and internal bleeding which should be addressed immediately to take a proper action. 

How can a mother avoid these consequences of car accidents?
These are the things that a soon to be a mother should adhere as possible to avoid the harms brought by car driving and accidents:

  • Drive Slowly - Even if you are not pregnant, every road user are advised to drive slowly to give yourself time to react whenever you encounter a considered emergency. 

  • Never drive if the baby is near its due - Call someone and them to drive you for them to run errands or stuff. Driving near due is really risky, aside from it impaired your senses, putting you to a painful state, and bleeding, you ought to be taken to doctor to examine your labor and assess your situation rather than driving and putting yourself in strain and stressful state.

  • If possible, let someone drive 

  • Give more space to the grown tummy and baby by moving the seat back. 

  • Never drive when your body feels like it shouldn't



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