Road accidents Involving Delivery Vehicles

Road accidents Involving Delivery Vehicles

Road accidents Involving Delivery Vehicles

With today's advancement of purposes of the internet, there are many ways to utilize it and turn it to human convenience, such as online orders and shipping of things even with food! Food delivery services became more popular through ordering on one's mobile phone and it is even more used in small businesses who doesn't have a proper market place or stall to work with, this also means the significant increase of drivers along roads of U.S. and share it for their respective delivery and as what previously mentioned, the more the car is on the road, the higher the chances of occurrence of a road crash and often the reason of crash is the rush to finish their delivery to proceed to their queued deliveries. 

If the unexpected happens and a crash happened between a road user and a food delivery driver, one could be unsure and scared to puruse compensation as if you are filing a claim against the driver means you are suing the company right? Questions sprouts up such as can you file a claim against the driver's insurers or can the driver directly be liable for the damages dealt?

Food and Delivery Driver's Fault

Ohio is an at-fault state, which means the liability is directly passed to the at-fault driver financially and legally, wherein the victims file claim against the at-fault driver's insurance policy, if the at-fault driver is working under a company, then it also means that the victim should file a claim against the company's insurers. The occurrence of crash beforehand the delivery or in the process of food delivery and used the vehicle for other purposes and has crashed, there are chances that the at-fault driver's personal insurance policy may not cover that sole specific crash.  

It is optimal for most delivery driver to purchase their own personal insurance policy as when an accident happen that was caused by the delivery driver, the delivery driver is financially responsible and not the company he/she is working in as it is other matter or type of accident such as display of negligence by the company that caused harm to its consumers, or if the delivery driver has a such policy, the victim can file a claim against it. 

You can openly file a lawsuit against the driver to try to assert your will to secure your compensation directly from him, but if the delivery driver who's at fault doesn't have enough money to provide as a form of settlement pay the victim needed, there should be a lawyer from both side to intervene and help them with the legalities. 

Statistics regarding Delivery and Its tendecies

  • In a previous survey, 10% of the respondents in 2016 said that they order food from food delivery at least once a week.

  • In a span of 2014 to 2016, 300% growth was observed among online food delivery businesses compared to dine-in costumers.

  • In the following year, 2018, 36% of people under 35 years old who are online users are frequent users of online restaurant delivery. 

Do food delivery provide insurance policy to their food delivery guys?

To be concise, it depends upon the employer to provide compensation coverage. It would be optimal for delivery drivers to hire a lawyer to help them review other available resources and insurance coverage as a preparation for the unexpected events such as an accident. 

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