Road Structures and Sign Crash

Road Structures and Sign Crash

Road Structures and Sign Crash

Usually, when news reports a car accident, we usually see two cars collided or being involved which caused by either one of them and they are usually the major car crashes when we think about it. Unfortunately, single car crash, a type of car crash where it only involves one car and usually it collides with a road structure or a nearby house or establishment, receives lesser limelight hence, lesser attention to bring road users about the "subtle" risk and what are its causes to their attention and make them aware about it so they can advertently avoid it rather than being involved in one as they may practice some factors that causes it.


According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and other government agencies statistics, we can confidently say that single car crash is a dominant factor of death in yearly scale among americans as it shows:

  • In 2014, 37,668 vehicles have hitted fixed objects along road such as traffic signs and trees and 46% or 55,726 of all road crashes were said to be single car crash.
  • 655 deaths were recorded involving single car crashes in a state in 2013 out of all 39,479 single car crash occured in that year out of 57,920 road crash which makes up of 47% of all crashes. 
  • Numbers of occurrence slightly decreased as there were 36,953 crashes consist of single car crash in 2017 but the involvement of passenger was high on 60% or 21,887 passengers involved.  
  • One of out three car accident that had occur is a single car crash.  

Liability of Car Crash

Of course, there are few factors for a car crash to happen, these are categorized as external and internal factors wherein internal factors are mechanical errors and drivers' error which are both caused within a road user and there are no outside interference for an accident to happen while external factors include bad weather, road condition, and other road users or anything that isn't on driver's control or depends on other people to be prevented. On single car crashes, the most common factor for it to occur are road fixed structrues such as traffic lights, lane divider, and even trees, but who are responsible for such unfortunate event? 

Property Owner

Fixed objects are generally everything that is lying along the roadway which are commonly involved in any form of traffic accident. Negligent property owners are the most liable in single car crashes as state in law, roadways are used for transportation and shouldn't be obstructed and must be cleared from any form of debris even when there is a government-issued maintenance or constructions. Things such as garbage cans, plants, trees, and even mails shouldn't be place near road as it may cause an accident whatever may the reason would be. 

Government Agency

Aside from being an obstruction, fixed objects causes poor visibility, lesser vehicle mobility, and other thing that can hold back a road user and put them in at disadvantage. Sometimes, government agencies has a work in progress projects which results usually in establishment of signs, lane divider, and other things to conduct their project along road which are sometimes left and unchecked, these things are factors of a single car crash as most drivers are familiar with the road which is usually cleared then they suddenly came across with a unknown road obstruction at high speed and might end up in a fatal crash. 

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