Robot-aided Surgical Procedures Errors

Robot-aided Surgical Procedures Errors

Robot-aided Surgical Procedures Errors

Provided with the best and latest technology, the current situation in field of medicine is considered on its peak as it involves AI and automated technologoies to assist medical professionals in their duty of care to their patients. One of many concrete inventions that made the previous statement true is the involvement of robots in performing surgeries among patients as they offer accuracy and flexibility since they can be used on almost every surgical procedures and has almost no limitations on its usage. 

Specifically, robot-assisted surgeries allow doctors to perform numerous types of complex procedures with more accuracy, reach, and flexibility than without assistance of robot or with traditional techniques. These are usually accompanied with nanotechnology, one of the smallest robots known in the world, which are controllable and programmable that eased the job for surgeons and medical professionals and in addition, with robot-assisted surgeries, they are known for minimally invasive and procedures are performed through a speck of incisions. 


Robot-assisted surgeries and procedures account for more than 15% of all general surgeries in 2018, which is a significant increase from 1.8% in 2012 according to JAMA Network Open. And according to United States Food and Drug Administration’s reports, robot-assisted surgeries and procedures have resulted in 144 fatalities in the last decade and four years, though on these reports, it is undefined the real root cause of these recorded fatalities, if it is either due to human error or technological errors, but medical professionals totally agree on the stand that robots on medical field should be the focus of concern due to their worldwide usage and unknown tendencies as from a data stated that nearly 10,000 incident reports recorded between year 2000 and 2013 showed the involvement of robotic surgeries in more than 1,300 patients' sustenance of injuries. 

7 Common Robotic Surgeries
  1. Gynecologic Surgery (surgery conducted on female reproductive organs) 

  2. Prostate Surgery (removing of prostate cancer)

  3. Head and Neck Surgery

  4. Colorectal Surgery (colon and rectum surgeries)

  5. Gastrointestinal Surgery (surgeries in removal of cancer in stomach region)

  6. Heart Surgery (cardiovascular diseases procedures) 

  7. Joint Surgery

Types of Robot-assisted Surgeries and Procedures Errors 

Researchers state that robots are less risky during urological and gynecological surgeries and procedures but has higher incident rate during neck, head, and cardiothoracic procedures. According to examinations of medical experts, they found out common errors in relation to robotic surgeries including: 

  • Fragments of tools stuck in patient's body

  • Malfunction of robots that could make its own movements and course
  • Electrocution from machines and robots inside the body which could give patient trauma

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