Rollover Car Accidents

Rollover Car Accidents

Rollover Car Accidents

Rollover accident refers to a type of road accident where it involves one car to literally spin itself and stopped when it was upside down, usually it goes with one forceful impact to tip one over but sometimes it rolls multiple times before situating steadily. 

As it is rolling though slow, the weight and motion of the certain vehicle are the contributing factors that would cause occupants inside the car fatalities and sustain injuries. In the event of accident, debris such as scattered glass and scrap of sharp metals has also possibility to pierce through your skin when rolling. Neck injuries and traumatic brain injuries caused by the rolling motion are likely to be sustained by occupants inside as well, broken bones and internal bleeding are included in the picture of outcomes too. 

According to National Highway and Traffic Safety Association or NHTSA, most rollover accidents are depending on how well or fast the driver drives. In narrow roads and busy highways, driving recklessly with high speed, causes rollover accidents, exchanging safety over priority of something in emergency or personal matters are considered windows or chances of an accident to occur in the first place. In here, these are some driving errors that let a driver to commit such kind of fatal accident: 

  1. Driving with Excessive Speed 

    Even in non rollover accident, overspeeding plays important role in determining how much the damage could the occurence of accident will be. Momentum of high speed vehicle approaching an almost stationary vehicle and hitting it sideways could result into multiple rollings and fatalities on both sides. The government encourages drivers to drive around 55mph as speed limit or lower as 40% of most deadly car crashes results from above the 55 mph speed. 


  2. Driving while Impaired  

    Impaired driving refers to driving while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or even fatigue. It is an iteration but impaired driving is dangerous as it reduces your vision, reaction time and control over your limbs which means you are susceptible to accidents and you won't be able to control your speed or pacing along the road. Though, this fact doesn't mean that majority of rollover accidents happened with most impaired driveras it only contributes half of the fatal rollover-related accidents, this number is not something to be joke around as it is large but not compared to overspeeding. Local polices has been around to regulate drivers who are drunk or not in their right shape to drive. 


  3. Traveling on Country Roads  

    This is fairly odd but driving along country roads which has higher chances to encounter potholes and other types of risks that are collectively known as poor road condition. As 75% or majority of rollover-involved car accidents happened on country roadways even given the speed limit of 55 mph and has high fatality rate compared to urban roadways. Though, country roads are less option to travel at, it shares significant deaths on road-related fataltiies. 


  4. Driving on Worn, Damaged, or Faultily Manufactured Tires  

    Any mechanical errors can give the car a chance to involved in a rollover accident. Brakes, tires and clutches defects can lead to any accident, especially rollover accident with the presence of overspeeding as you lose your control over car's speed and brakes won't slow you down, it can lead to crash a property or worse, to another car. If possible, before you drive your car to your destination, send it to your nearest mechanic to assess the road-worthiness of your car and avoid the horrific event. 

If you or your family member has been recently involved in a rollover accident, you can always file an injury claim to award you a compensation pay to cover your medical bills and other sprouting bills caused by the accident. Though, as a first timer to be involved in legal procedures, it would be tough to make a decision about everything. Hiring an injury lawyer could help, Ryan LLP is an Ohio-based injury law firm that has 40 years of experience in professionally representing their client's case. Call our office or email us to get free legal advices. 

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