Roof Crush and Rollover Accident

Roof Crush and Rollover Accident

Roof Crush and Rollover Accident

Car accidents occur in many different ways as there are factors and conditions that contribute for an accident to happen which highly varies and hence, result in various classification of accidents. Some form of car accidents are: 

  • Head-on Collisions
    Occur when two car crash together bumper to bumper, charged to negligence and other human errors such as drunk driving and drowsy driving.
  • Highway Construction Accidents
    Occur when an accident happened was induced or involved with highway construction, eitherway, the driver and construction firm are susceptible to be charged against claims on whoever caused the accident. Usually caused by negligence such as overspeeding and human errors. 
  • Rear-End Accidents
    Occur when an at-fault driver crashes his/her bumper to the rear side of your car, the driver who crashed his/her bumper would be definitely liable. 
  • Side-Impact Accidents
    Also called as t-bone style crashes, occur when an at-fault driver crashes to the side of your car.

These accidents similarities to its causes and results but their differences is that how the negligent party made the accident occur and how heavy would the case or lawsuit would be. But, there is this type of car accident has involves large trucks and non-compact cars which usually results in fatalities and extreme outcomes known as rollover accidents. 

A rollover accident is a type of car crash wherein a vehicle flips over onto side or upside down, this usually happens when vehicles with high center of gravity or heavy ones started speeding up and messed up like trucks or SUV. On most reports, given that it involves high speed and heavy vehicles, it is considered as single vehicle accident as it doesn't collide with other cars. 

As the vehicle rolls over like a ball, it may damage passengers and the driver itself severely and may result in traumatic brain injuries (TBI), broken bones, and internal bleedings which can translate to temporary or permanent memory loss, coma, or disabilities. 

One major cause why people in a specific vehicle that has involved in a roll over accident to sustain more significant damages than being expected is because the roof was severely damaged and damages penetrated through it which leads to such sustenance. Roof crush is the term used when a vehicle that has been involved in a rollover accident roof's has been damaged severely due to weight and violent force and may cause extended harm than being calculate and trapping them which leads to another set of damages.

Who is liable with Roof Crashes? 

First of all, the at-fault driver or the driver who have caused the accident is highly liable if there are any as from previously stated, most rollover accidents are caused or involved with only one car. 

If there are strong evidences and proved that damages was furthered by roof crash due to roof failure, the manufacturer's integrity would be questioned and they can be also liable for the product with product liability claim as their product dishonesty has caused victims of the recent crash to sustain significant damages. 

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