Seatbelts Safety

Seatbelts Safety

Seatbelts Safety 

Ohio roads are dangerous enough without drivers not wearing their seat belts.

On June 3, as the traffic office initiative continues safety driving program through monitoring road users' proper driving behavior and etiquet on roads and has a surprising number of 4,500 who were in violation of the state's mandatory seat belt regulations last year alone, and this number is steadily growing every day. Data from News 5 Cleveland shows an increase over a four-year span; there was actually only 2,600 reports just two years ago. What may have been once considered as safe for motorists has now become more treacherous than ever before because people are less willing (or able) to buckle up when they get behind the wheel.

The Cleveland local government has taken a proactive approach to road safety, not only by encouraging drivers to wear their seatbelts as it also affects and protect the well-being of the pedestrians and other properties around them. It's well known that wearing your seatbelt is one less risk you have on the roads in case something goes wrong; this makes for safer driving conditions all-around that is undisputably both good for all parties involved. 

In 1975, seat belts were introduced and have been saving lives ever since. In just the year 2017, 14,955 people's lives are estimated to be saved because of these life-saving inventions and up until now has saved of estimated 374,276 lives. This idea is about how much safer driving has become with recent innovations in safety features like wearing a seat belt. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that using lap and shoulder seats can cut your risk for injury or death by 50% and: 

  • In 2019, seatbelt-bound passengers has higher chances of survival in a road collision compared to those who dont wear one, and in different perspective as to those of died in a collision, there is a fair share of percentage to both who wear seatbelts and those who don't 
  • And in the same year, NSC observed that males who doens't wear seatbelts has high likelihood to die from a road crash rather than females. Unrestrained and restrained females as well shows a large margin on seatbelts safety whether as to males, it shows no differences in seatbelt safeties as both denominations are lethal in numbers.
  • Buckling up during daytime is more lethal and has dealt way too far more fatalities rather than putting a seatbelt at night as unrestrained deaths cases are a lot during night. 
  • Age range 21-34 has recorded the highest accidents and deemed as the peak age for unrestrained by seatbelts related accidents and for some contributing reasons. 

If we strap ourselves in for safety with our belts then it is only right as law-abiding citizens to do so. If at any given time you find yourself involved in an auto collision where negligence was present on behalf of another driver when they were operating their vehicle recklessly or carelessly; be sure not hesitate and contact legal counsel immediately.

Given the fact that seatbelts are securing your life, and still if you found yourself a victim of car accident while having injuries due to negligent driving from there on out call up an attorney that concerns personal injury within car accident range. 

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